Hello fellow fans,
I don't often post but I do spend a fair chunk of my time checking the boards. I'm teaching a freshman composition course but the curriculum I've been given is not very traditional. Anyways, I have to do the projects a bit before the students and I want to use the Org as the "discourse community" I examine. I try to work my love for pop culture, which in my field I treat as modern mythology, into all of my endeavors. For instance, when I was able to design my own curriculum I had my students do reviews of basically anything they wanted to. I showed them Pixel Dan's review of Battle Cat as an example. I also do themed PowerPoint presentations. Tomorrow I'll use Star Trek TNG to discuss the ethnography project, having students liken themselves to Data in their search for humanity by understanding the diverse groups that compose the world around them. I digress. I'd really be appreciative of any input anyone wants to offer. I will need to quote your feedback in the paper and I'd use your poster name unless otherwise directed.

Here's some of the info I need to get from the prompt:

Interview at least one member of the discourse community. Record and transcribe the interview. You might ask things like, “How long have you been here? Why are you involved? What type of documents do you regularly produce? What “rules” for communication are members of your community expected to adhere to? What do you consider most important in good writing or good communication? What do X, Y, and Z words mean? How did you learn to write A, B, or C?”

If this is fruitful I may mine the forums more when time comes for me to do my dissertation. I'm very serious about the usefulness of these properties in understanding our modern mythology and I hope to make a career of making people aware of the richness of our community and our plastic mythos.

As a sign of my participation, I've posted pictures of my collection in the MOTUC forum.

Thanks in advance. - Deadpool-Man