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Thread: Recently I have started watching some She-Ra episodes again ...

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    Recently I have started watching some She-Ra episodes again ...

    Between Netflix and discovering QUBO NiteOwl over the air, I've been enjoying watching some classic He-Man and She-Ra cartoon lately.

    The episodes where Skeletor is involved in She-Ra episodes are really great. Usually he is trying to take out Hordak - the playful nature of Skeletor being such a jerk with trying to kill or usurp Hordak is really fun.

    Two great examples are "My Friend, My Enemy" where Skeletor joins forces with Catra to feed Hordak a 'doomberry' pie that will cause him to fade out of existence once consumed; "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday" is another great one with Hordak having to babysit Horde Prime's flagship (the Velvet Glove) - Skeletor takes it over and fun ensues.

    If you didn't pay as much attention to She-Ra as a kid, or simply don't remember them as well, I highly recommend checking out any and all episodes with Skeletor in them, I think you'll get a kick.

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