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Thread: Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath

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    Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath

    Folks just wanted to start a thread to allow 'orgers who live in the path of Hurricane Sandy to sound off and notify us of their status and situation since the hurricane hit. It seems we here in NY are in the clear as city responders are continuing rescue and damage assessments will begin for the next few days here in NYC.

    With no way to get to work the next few days (although my job keeps telling me to report in as usual) I have been trying to help neighbors, friends and family in the immediate vicinity as well as reaching out over the social networks to make sure everyone is ok, or simply has someone to talk to to help them get through any damage or loss or simply trying to process all this. Not much was incurred in my area so thankfully I still have power and a means of communication.

    So please, anyone in the areas affected and able to sound off, let us know if you're ok or you need some kind of assistance or help with information, getting in touch with friends or family. I know Kelly (Princess Adora NJ) has said she is ok and everything is well, but knowing a few people like Rob Base, BrianOzone (who has a wife expecting) BCRDuke, and many names I can't remember off hand right now who live in the area may have been affected somehow.

    UPDATE: for anyone who needs living assistance you can text SHELTER and your zip code to 43362 (4FEMA) and they will direct you to the nearest location!!! So Sorry for the late response but I still hope that if family and friends haven't helped this will!
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