Terrible, Adora...just terrible!

We'll certainly include you in my family's thoughts and prayers. Please keep sharing your situation. One of the really positive things about the board is that almost everyone joins together when one of us is going through travails and troubles. Hopefully you can draw some small measure of strength from knowing that many people here are pulling for you and hoping for the best for you.

Most of all, stay safe.

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Well, I'm not as lucky. I'm still with out power and was told up to 2 weeks with out it. Had minot damage to my home but was remove from my house due to power lines on the roof (and they are still there) but my animal and I are safe and I'm allow back into my home since the wires are totally dead and I have a small generator that I'm using only at night. Gas lines are long-- try up 4 hours long and they could be out of gas. I just can't wait for my normal live to return!