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Thread: Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath

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    Sorry to hear what you guys are going through and lost. And I'm going on day 10 with no power or heat. And hearing how 3 of my students lost their homes. I feel greatfull for the little damage that the tree did to my house. One thing that I notice at least here in Jersey, is how everyone is trying to make the best out of this. But my big question... What did we do to get on someones bad side? We really don't need the snow.
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    Thanks guys it just sucks so really depressed and my wife is about to give birth any minute.....unreal
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyDell View Post
    Hey all, my house in Cranford was out of power for 7 days, but we are OK. My Seaside Heights house got rocked. The garage was ripped off completely and all my surf boards and body boards took their last ride with Sandy, 7 boards gone! We are allowed to go back into Seaside to pull things out on Monday, hopefully there is no structural damage to the foundation or contamination. I live right across the street from the beach, first house, so we really got clobbered. I grew up down there and know a lot of people in Ortley, you guys got it worse. From the arial maps, north seaside was bad... where I am... and as u go farther north into Ortley, it's a mess. Now it's snowing outside... ***? I hope everyone recovers ASAP!
    at least you guys get to go in, thanks to sink holes, who knows when we'll be able to return . i'm also worried about contamination, mostly sewage getting mixed in with any ocean water that gets into the will we be able to know, or clean it up so it's liveable again?

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    That's a good question Shredder... well now my situation just got worse. I cant in to the downstairs apartment because the upper deck is hanging off, and the steps to the upstairs apartment washed away, so we can't get there either. I am assuming that if anything is wet or has water stains, it probably needs to be tossed. I heard they put this white lime stuff down to decontaminate, but I'm not sure what you do for inside your house. Really sucks. I love Ortley, learned to surf on 3rd Ave. I used to work at Barnacle Bills in the mini golf hut, and paid for college working in Gabriella's restaurant. I love that place, and my heart breaks looking at what happened. I wish you and everyone of my Ortley neighbors the best of luck... I know I'll need it as well!
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    Sorry I missed this thread before. Now all is good and it's time to play catch up

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