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Thread: Kent Parker B/S/T thread

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    Kent Parker B/S/T thread

    Here's a list of things I'm looking for.

    Spikor MOC
    Rattlor MOC
    Mighty Spector MOC
    Horde Prime MOC
    Queen Marlena MOC
    Vykron MOC (Barbarian packout)
    Vykron MOC (Tanktop packout)
    Battle Ground Teela re-issue MOC
    Battle Armor He-man re-issue MOC
    Battle Armor Skeletor re-issue MOC

    Stinkor loose/complete (don't need bio)

    Adora calves, boots, and heels
    Beastman/Carnivus/Stinkor/Stratos buck
    Bow loincloth
    BG Teela buck and legs
    Carnivus hands
    King Greyskull boots, harness, and cape
    Prince Adam head and vest
    Scare Glow cape
    Snout Spout loincloth
    Skeletor loincloth
    Stinkor kitty head
    Thunderpunch He-man sword and bursts
    Vikor head
    Vykron head

    Bow harp
    Clawful shield
    Count Marzo amulet
    Capt Glenn Space helmet
    Demo-Man head
    Demo-Man mace
    Demo-Man sword
    Glory Bird with perch and head dress
    He-man v.1 half sword
    King Hsss snake staff
    Kobra kahn pixel
    Leech crossbow
    Leech net (undamaged)
    Man E Faces bonus head
    Man E Faces regular head
    Mer-Man cardback head
    Molar 4 dental tools and floss
    Mossman club
    Mossman vine minus the knife
    Mossman vintage head unflocked ears
    Skeletor v.1 half sword
    Skeletor v.2 half sword (x2)
    Star Sisters staffs
    Stratos head
    Trapjaw hook
    Trapjaw clamp
    Webstor hook zipline
    Whiplash staff

    Clamp Champ staction (no clamp, no stand)
    King Hiss 200x upper torso
    Darkseid right arm
    Despero right arm
    Kalibak right leg

    *just added*
    Vikor vs. Demo-man custom chromed set >>PICTURE LINK<<

    Bow cape with both symbols
    Count Marzo head
    Demo-Man skull head
    Demo-Man armor
    King Hsss snake torso
    Kobra Kahn gun
    Stratos blue jetpack

    I do have paypal, so if there is anything on my wants list that you are willing to sell please PM to negotiate.
    If you are wanting to buy anything from my haves list, PM an offer. I only charge what USPS charges me for shipping!
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