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I am very excited about this. I can't believe that it happened. I thought that a third trilogy was never going to happen.

Now, I need to clear off some more shelves for the new SW toys.
Yep, I think I'm almost as excited hearing this as when I first heard of a prequel trilogy

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Did you not see The Avengers?!??!?!? Seriously, WHAT is up with people thinking this is such bad news? I'm not saying we're guraranteed great movies or that it won't got the route of Pirates, but my God, after the prequels and that last Indiana-one-of-the-worst-movies-ever-made-Jones, what were the fans holding onto?
I agree, I'm not sure why there's so much Disney hate I think they can do good adult movies too and dont kiddify everything. I mean, Avengers is probably the best Marvel movie ever and was produced by Disney, so.....