Interview with Roger Lay. Lots of info about new Captain Power show... but also some discussion about the 1980s live action MOTU movie and the blue ray release and a possible forthcoming art book.

MOTU is talked about after the 1:25:00 mark.

I can't get that friggin Adele song out of my head. But what would you expect? I have seen 'Skyfall' three times and, for the first time in Movie Moan history, you'll be able to see me doing it.

We are also delighted to be joined by producer, director, and special features magician Mr. Roger Lay Jnr. to finally talk in some detail about 'Phoenix Rising', the reboot of 'Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future', as well as preview all the amazing bonus material that will be included on the Season 2 Blu Ray release of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

Spare a thought for Robert Meyer Burnett once you've seen him in the video by the way. His flight was grounded so he's stuck in the UK right now. There's a paypal link at the bottom to raise funds for him:

3 mins - Coming to you from the Odeon Leicester Square and the BFI IMAX, join Phil Gee and Robert Meyer Burnett as they experience Bond 23 in the middle of the biggest day in UK box office history and provide a spoiler free, but in-depth, review.

44:30 mins - Back with Jamie and Roger, I answer some follow up questions and we discuss the possibility of Bond 24 & 25 being made back to back as one epic story.

65:25 mins - Our in-depth interview with Roger talking about Trek, Phoenix Rising and I pester him once again on the status of 'Toy Masters'.