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Thread: DJ Force Weapons Force - your source for lifesize props and replicas from Eternia

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    DJ Force Weapons Force - your source for lifesize props and replicas from Eternia

    Well, I decided to start a topic here for my Weapons Forge, as not everybody is on Facebook.

    So, enjoy!

    To keep this first posting clear, Iīll just post a few of the pics that can be found on Facebook. From time to time I will update the thread with a new posting dedicated to only one prop replica at a time. This will include lots of pictures then and can be well-known or brand new stuff.

    So here we go! Welcome to the DJ Force Weapons Forge!

    Prince Adam Sword

    You might know this one already.
    Length: 97cm (app. 38 inches)
    Weight: 1.4 kg (app. 3.1 lb)

    Man-At-Arms Blasterpistol

    One of my very first lifesize props was the little blasterpistol that came with the vintage Castle Grayskull, and was later introduced to MOTUC with the Man-At-Arms actionfigure (and subsequently with the Weapons Rack)

    Weapons Rack Blaster Rifle

    This is the Rifle that came with the vintage Castle Grayskull weaponsrack and Webstor, and was of course also used in the MOTUC line. I actually used the MOTUC version for reference about size, dimensions and shape. There are a few differences between both sculpts and I just happened to like the MOTUC version better.
    Iīll further talk about the rifle later, with more detailled pics and some WIPs as well.

    Queen Marlenaīs scepter

    I donīt only make weapons, I also make other accessories, like this for example. My wife needed this scepter to complete her Queen Marlena cosplay costume, so I started building.
    If you compare it with the MOTUC toy you will notice several differences in the details. The thing with toys is that they are really small and you just cannot add too many details. But on a lifesize prop you will miss them, because 10 times as big as the toy, the undetailled areas just look too flat, too boring. You need to do something about that if you want to give the impression of a "real deal".

    Grayskull shield

    You have propably seen this already: the first of 6 different weapons from the vintage Castle Grayskullīs cardboard weapons rack.
    If you donīt remember what I am talking about, check the small image at the bottom right corner. Remember now?

    Weapons Rack ax

    This ax also came with Man-E-Weapons and Buzz-Off, and most propably with the vintage wonderbread He-Man, too. As a nod to these brownish, maroonish colored versions I added lots of "rust" to the blade and handle.

    Sky-Sled (yes, you read this right)

    If you attended either Grayskull Con or Power Con in 2012, you might have watched John Carrolls fanfilm "The Fountain of Life", and then you most propably have already seen this beast here in full glory. But until the official release of the fanfilm Iīll hold back posting full images and leave you with this teaser/WIP.

    She-Ra shield

    First commission: She-Raīs shield. Here in an early stage. Lotīs of details to be added:

    Weapons Rack Blasterpistol

    Version 2.0 of the Grayskull pistol. All new handle and some new details, while the overall shape stayed the same. Very sloppy paint job as I were in a rush to get it finished for the filming of The Fountain of Life and The Trials of Darksmoke.
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    Positivity, folks!
    Letīs all agree to love MOTU enough to let others love MOTU, too!

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    Dude, these are amazing. I've admired them ever since I first saw them. Really great work.

    It's so cool to see these accessories coming to life in full scale. I wish I had a whole armoury full of them, lol.

    What do you make them out of?
    Evil Simian Mechanic of the Horde!

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    I especially like the Man-At-Arms blaster pistol....

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    Those are very cool! Great work man, I would love to have the Webstor blaster and Buzz-Off axe.

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    Thank you so much everybody! It really means a lot.
    I just love building these. And masterenglish: I AM available for commissions
    Hordemonkey: In most cases I use sheets of PVC, cut, glue, sand, fill, sand again.... I have a 10-page "instructions booklet" for the Dagger of He-Man that I will post one day. As of now itīs written in German, but I am working on a translation.

    If you want to see any of these lifesize props up close, come to Grayskull Con. Everything I build will be on display, with something new and surprising each year. I know thatīs quite a distance to travel, especially for American fans. But itīs worth it

    Anyway. Today Iīd like to present the first set of pictures for a prop, after the brief overview I posted initially.
    I present: The Grayskull Halberd!

    Full Frontal.

    Blade close-up. The original toy doesnīt show the detailing, but I always add some details to my work that isnīt shown in small toy-scale.

    Work in Progress.

    Hope you like it!
    Positivity, folks!
    Letīs all agree to love MOTU enough to let others love MOTU, too!

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