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    Frosta as a Character

    Hello again! In case you didn't know (or forgot) I make one of these posts when a new PoP figure comes out (most of the time, anyway) to learn more about them from the fans. My previous ones are here:

    Shadow Weaver

    They're bascially dead threads, but feel free to add to them if you like; I'm always looking for new ways to expand my PoP ideas.

    Now i'd like to focus on Frosta. So far, this is what I know along with some questions:

    - She's the Queen of the snowy place, but she seems pretty young (maybe I'm wrong). Did they ever show any of her background? Was her family taken by the Horde or something?

    - The new bio says she gets her magic from her staff, but is there anything that says different? How was it often displayed in the toon?

    - I took a lot of my views of her from pictures on the .org here, and many of them had her getting cozy with He-Man. She seemed like a pretty "forward" kinda girl, but her bio just plainly states her as "sweet and kind" and she was indeed just normal and friendly when I saw an epsiode of the toon recently (I never watched the toon as a kid, save for the Secret of the Sword. Only just caught some classic episodes recently). So what is her personality to you, the PoP fan? What have you developed for her over the years from childhood to now?

    Alright, I think that's about it. Please feel free to elaborate any way you wish, or add anything that I didn't cover. I'm just looking to expand my personal PoP story, as is evidenced by the past threads. Any help is much appreciated!
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