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The black plastic was used on figures because they were sharing parts among different figures. That is not a concern for this playset because they will not be sharing parts of Grayskull with other playsets.
Maybe, but the truth is that Mattel regularly cuts costs in ways that negatively and substantially affect the quality of their product. And no one should fault those who refuse to give Mattel the benefit of the doubt any longer (not saying that you personally are doing that).

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The potential for this is a near guarantee I'd say If Design and production can screw up a $20 figure badly (paint choice, reversed parts, breakage) what will happen with a $250 item. Its hard to find my blind trust in Mattel worth it to deliver quality for such a high priced item. 8 days to go, I'm still on D fence.
Just think of how many newly tooled parts there will be on this. How are they possibly going to get all those new parts right when they still can't even get right v left correct? I hope I'm wrong and that those who are ordering get a perfect castle. The good news is there is probably no potential for them to reverse right and left again, as long as the hinge is placed on the correct side