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It's not as if Matty has been so forthcoming and trustworthy to warrant blind faith. Right now the possible risks are higher than the possible reward.
I completely understand and respect this logic, but for me, I don't believe that they are going to give us some kind of junk pile that's full of lies just because they now have our money. Do they make stupid mistakes in their factories? Yes. But I don't think that the term "final specs subject to change" is said simply so they can go "a-ha! Gotcha! Read the fine print! You get what you get." I trust that the specs they presented are the ones they believe they can give us with the provided budget of $250 retail per castle at the minimum needed.

Again, these are just my feelings. I know that I've been angry at Matty quite a few times over they years for what I perceived to be "lies"-- and all those combined consumer experiences are definitely working against them in this instance, but I do honestly believe that they will work hard to deliver something worth our money. QC issues aside, I still think that the MOTU figure line is probably the best line of action figures being produced currently. The sculpting and design are just perfect! So, based on that-- and the fact the Scott and the 4H are also fans who reeeeaaalllly want this-- I'm choosing to still have faith.