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Thread: MOTUC Figures and Weapons and Stuff

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    MOTUC Figures and Weapons and Stuff

    Hey Guys, I'm slowly selling off some of my MOTUC collection. All figures are loosed unless other wise noted.

    Battle Armor He-Man $20 plus shipping
    Green Goddess (broken hip glued into place) $10 plus shipping (pending)
    Eternos Palace King Rando MIB- $30 shipped
    Procrustus MIB- $40 plus shipping. (pending)

    Random Weapons and Accessories, all $5 each.
    Molar Weapons $5 for the set
    Molar Head
    Black Optik Weapons $5 for the set
    Unhelmeted Evil-Lyn Head
    Unhelmeted Icarius Head
    Purple Evil-Lyn Staff
    Grizzlor Loin Cloth

    PM me if interested. will be posting more once i've decided on the rest.
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    Just sent a PM!
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    PM sent your way!

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