I meant to get out the International shipments on the Thursday after NYCC, I want to the post office and there was something wrong with the boxes that they wouldn't allow me to ship it the way they were supposed to be shipped. Then, the next week I got called into work every weekday (post office is not open on weekends). Now, Monday we got hit here in New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy and have been with out power and internet and such in the entire state, today we just got back internet in my home, I cannot say the same for the surrounding area, but Monday I will do my best to send it all out, though I cannot guarantee my post office will have power and be able to take the packages.

If anyone who I have yet to send out their package would like a refund instead of the figure, please let me know via Private Messaging and I will gladly give it to you as soon as I can get the money into my paypal account.

Again I sincerely I apologize for the inconveniences that I have caused.