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Thread: MOTU and POP Golden Books For Sale

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    MOTU and POP Golden Books For Sale

    Masters of the Universe and POP Golden Books For Sale

    MOTU Golden Paperbacks ($24 for bundle of 7 books):

    The Trap
    The Sword of Skeletor
    The Thief of Castle Grayskull
    Mask of Evil
    Caverns of Fear
    The Rock Warriors
    Secret of the Dragon’s Egg

    MOTU Golden Hardbacks ($24 for bundle of 5 books):

    The Magic Mirrors (library edition)
    New Champions of Eternia
    Maze of Doom
    The River of Ruin
    Teela’s Secret

    Princess of Power Golden Books (Hardbacks. $17 for 3 books):

    Too Long at the Fair
    The Folly of Catra
    The Queen of the Ball

    Thanks for looking and PM if interested! Paypal "gift" payments accepted. Offers good for inner 48 continental U.S. residents.

    Books are all in excellent shape with crisp, white pages with little to no fading. Note: Two or three of the books have prices marked in very light pencil near the upper right corners of the publisher insert pages.

    I would prefer to sell these in bundles and not break them up. The hardbacks are fairly heavy, so I have to charge a certain amount just to make the sale feasible/ worthwhile and to cover the shipping costs. As always, I'm negotiable and can work with you on prices, especially if you're purchasing multiple bundles. Prices listed above include shipping.

    *UPDATE: Books have all been purchased/ sale offer closed*
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    PM on its way my friend
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    These sold very quickly- *hugs* for those who sent PM's- I've just now had a moment to update the thread with *SOLD* status.

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