multi rf switch(compatable with gc,n64,senes,ps1,x-box)
nes rf switch

circus capers
felix the cat
ducktales 2
little mermaid
kirbys adventure

game boy:
metroid 2
kirbys dreamland
kirbys sreamland 2
donkey kand land
donkey kong land 2
donkey kong land 3

inspector gadget
kirby superstar
kirby dreamland 3
megaman x3
pockey and rocky
pocky and rocky 2

gameboy coler:
alice in wonderland
wendy every witch way
kelly club:clubhouse fun
the simpsons
snow white

little mermaid
lunaer:silver star story complete
lunar:enternal blue
rugrats:studio tour

rugrats:royal ransom
teen titans

gameboy advance:
cabbagepatch kids:great puppy rescue
codename kids next door:operation s.o.d.a
disney princess
disney princess:royal adventure
little einsteins
little mermaid:magic in two kingdoms
donkey kong country
donkey kong country 2
donkey kong conutry 3
doras world adventure
dora:super spys
dora: super star advetures
dora:search for pirate pigs treasure
inpector gadget:advance mission
kirby and the amazing mirror
kirby:nightmare in dreamland
lady sia
lufia and the ruins of lore
rugrats gone wild
rugrats:castle capers
rugrats:i gotta party
strawberry shortcake sweet dreams movie
strawberry shortcake:ice cream riding camp
super mario advance 2
supermarioo advance 3
super mario advance 4
winx club
winx club:quest for the codex
pocky,rocky and becky

bratz kidz
kim possible:global gemenii
kim possible:kimmunicator
little mermaid:ariels under sea adventure
dora saves the mermaids
doras birthday adventure
dragonball origins 2
elebits:the adventures of kai and zero
giana sisters
goldensun:dark dawm
kirby superstar ultra
kirby:canvas course
kirby:squeak squad
mario and luigi:bowsers inside story
phantasy star zero
princess and knight
pucca power up
rhapsody:a musical adventure
strawberry shortcake:four seasons cake
winx club:mission enchantrix
winx club:quest for the codex
xialoin showdown

sega genesis: