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Thread: Is anyone watching Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel?

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    Is anyone watching Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel?

    So far it's like 9 episodes on. You get a Motu reference every other show and you at least see something vintage every episode. Just wanted to know if anybody else is watching? Sorry I put this in the wrong forum.
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    I watch it if I can find it on TV, it's pretty awesome. It never seems to be on when I want it to be on though.

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    I started DVRing it, but then canceled the recordings. Seems pretty bleh to me. It's nice to get that MOTU reference every now and then, but the stuff he finds and talks about in the show is of NO interest to me.
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    I DVR it and really enjoy seeing the finds, especially MOTU-related items!
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    This guys low balls the people (Look at the old shows)

    For the risk of getting in trouble he's not a nice guy (Being PC)

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    I love that show, and haven't missed an episode yet. I get pretty excited when he runs across a motu fig.
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    I do not like the haggling on the show. I would like it better if he just sold thing on consignment.

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    It's painful watching this show, because I start wanting toys I was never really interested in before or aware of. So I avoid it.

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    I've watched the NYCC pilot and I'll keep checking other episodes. I feel bad that there are great toys that can be found and purchased for less than the half of what I usually pay at eBay. I mean, carded Kenner Star Wars, $40 for carded Oscar Goldman, $5 for a Spider-Man candy machine, $10 for a full set of vintage Galactica glasses
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    Does the store front still have my stolen my She-Ra art on the window??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eamon View Post
    Does the store front still have my stolen my She-Ra art on the window??

    Despite many email and calls they still ignore me.
    Who stole your She-Ra artwork?
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