Did anyone watch tonight's Simpsons? I just want to know, because I really want to talk about the episode. I mean, I thought that was absolutely terrible. That makes three episodes in a row that have been some of the worst episodes I have ever seen from this show. What is going on? The first 5 minutes of the episode was absolutely useless. The Lisa subplot served no purpose, Marge getting the car was lame, especially since she suddenly hated it out of the blue. And then the entire plotline was bad. And what was the whole point of rehashing the election joke they already did 4 years ago? That should have been in the Halloween episode, NOT this thing. It felt random and out of place. The only jokes that were actually funny was when Lisa told the boys they have now entered an afterschool program and the M Night Shamylan sign. My god, I hate to say it, but I think I am going to call it quits. I made it through the bad before, but these are beyond terrible. There is not even anything remotely redeeming in the three episodes that have aired thus far.