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Thread: Frosta in white

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    Frosta in white

    Hello my friends, this week a figure that has been the subject of some controversy: Frosta
    She has been painted in white as the vintage figure. Her arms were switched (yes the figure I used had them reversed) and her hair was painted in solid baby blue as many fans really wanted. Now for accessories I gave her an “Ice blast” attachment for all kinds of horde blasting poses.

    Her staff was also retooled so now the wheel spins freely even when you blow at it, just like the vintage figure. Her shield has the gem repainted in clear blue for a better contrast .

    Here is the video and pics. See you next week !

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    This looks great Chris - I've actually learnt quite a bit from you. One question - what paint did you use on Frosta. I've heard that spraying the figure (after washing) with hair spray works well as a primer - especially considering its a flexible skirt so the paint might crack. Do you use any 'sealer' or anything. I love watching your customs and miss your stop motion videos

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    She looks beautiful in white....

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    Great job, Hunter. Love the cool ice-blast accessory!

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    White is sooo much better!
    Clean paintjob. White always sux to paint IMO

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    Nice improvement....beautiful paintjob.....LOVE THE LAST PHOTO
    All of my VINTAGE MOTU customs are here:

    All of my VINTAGE MOTU "CONCEPT" customs are here:

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    Great custom indeed.
    Must say I first wondered, why the Frosta was done in grey, instead of white.
    But now I have the figure in my collection, I kinda like the colors.

    Not to say the custom figure looks great in white.

    I don't like the baby blue hair. I prefer the matty version with the transparent blue hair.
    Must mention I'm a fan of transparent parts in the MotUC-line.

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    Hello Chris. I've decided to try and do the same thing, but i'm having some trouble.
    I have to ask you something, how do you paint your figures? I'm using a paintbrush with Tamyia acrylic paints, but i'm having a hard time painting the skirt piece. The paint already broke a couple of times and I don't know what to do. This is not the first time doing some costumization, on MOTUC, but i've never painted on a plastic so soft.
    Is it better to use a airbrush?
    I've got a Tamyia TS-80 flat Clear Varnish, do you think that it will prevent the paint cracks?

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