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Thread: MOTU Classics Castle Grayskullman Video Review by Pixel Dan

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    Great video, and very cool you got Daniel in for a cameo.

    At first wasn't overly thrilled with the idea behind the figure. Then he reminded me of the guards from the ladybird books so I liked him. Then, realising all the little touches (sword, shield etc) made me love him!
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    Great job Dan(s)! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun with this one.

    Congrats again Daniel! I'm really looking forward to getting CGM this month, as others have said, he has really grown on me!

    Loved the ending, bring on Mosquitor!
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    One of the best reviews yet! Great job Dan, it was worth the wait.

    I cracked up when the video was highjacked by Daniel. I bet you guys had fun hanging out.

    I'm not a big fan of Castle Grayskullman's hair, just something about the colour, but aside from that he's a really cool figure to add to the mix. I love the swords especially.

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    Gonna try to pick up a second one to play with.
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    Castle Grayskullman embodies the pure fun that MOTU should be bringing all of us. Look at everyone involved with this guy... the enthusiasm is so contagious. Every figure should make us feel like this guy does. That is what makes this such an awesome achievement for Pixel Dan.....ielbenedict.

    Dude, I know you post but for the life of me I can't remember your trucker handle. You kicked its ass with this one, and I bet it just feels awesome every day knowing how much fun you injected into some un-fun times.

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    Love the review! Love Castle Grayskull Man!

    I had a would be cool if he came with a Talon Fighter Robotic Bird. A little creature that looked sorta like the Transformers Lazer Beak. It could have the looks of Talon Fighter, but be a bird. Would be neat sitting on the shoulder of CGM! Shrug...

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    I can't wait to get this guy!

    My 2 favorite things from the 80s, Hulk Hogan and Castle Grayskull...all rolled into one!!!
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    Great video, love the fun in these reviews...

    Castle Grayskullman is one of my faves this year, I was amazed, when I saw him, he has this 80`s MOTU vibe I love, much better than most of the 30th figures, Vykron and Fighting Foe Men...

    The concept is so simple & crazy, it`s genius...

    Can`t wait to get him...

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    Love this guy as soon as i saw him, out of the 30th characters its between Drago-man and CGM by a long shot, i think CGM by a nose. Love the concept and eveything about the figure, maybe the hair could be a little lighter but its all good, like the bio aswell.
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    Great job as always. Can't wait to get CGM!!!!

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    AWESOME review dan!!!

    loved the skit and daniels cameo was excellent - good job guys!

    this isn't a figure i will be buying but i think it's a worthy winner and the finished product looks fantastic! well done mr benedict!

    so, i guess MOSQUITOR is next huh?! ...
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    I dig this guy... but I am gonna have to go with a different bio... I would feel better if Castle Grayskullman was, simply, He-Man with a stone skin spell cast on him by the Sorceress in the final moments of the battle. I mean... Isn't He-man supposed to be the ones to turn the tide of battle? I'm sorry... but the imagination at Mattel is very dull.

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