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Thread: Looking For : Toys R Us Skeletor & More..............................

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    Looking For : Toys R Us Skeletor & More..............................

    As the title says............. I am looking for Toys R Us Skeletor figures ! Not just 1 OR 2, I want to buy upto 9 of him ! Well, I am mainly buying for his head actually, so I don't mind if you just have his head OR loose figure, OR the complete 2 pack with Lex Luthor (No matter how many you have, just let me know & we can work it out)!

    Similarly, I want the vintage style, Battle Armour version of King Randor (Yep, the 1st version). And, I want upto 3 of him !

    I am also looking for the bucks of Stinkor & Spikor (1 each). No problem if they are incomplete, missing accessories or like that. But if anybody is interested in selling a complete figure @ fair price, i have no problem.

    NOTE 1 : I don't mind if the figures are in loose condition ! As long as they are good with NO sloppy paint apps, I'll be happy !!

    NOTE 2 : No problem about the numbers. Whatever you have, just let me know.

    NOTE 3 : Please send your fair prices.

    Thanks !
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    wow, that is a lot of skeletor heads! what are you going to do with them??

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