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Thread: Clearing out the rest of my MOTUC!

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    Clearing out the rest of my MOTUC!

    It's been fun, but it's time to pull the plug on my MOTUC collection, both new and loose. I won't be buying any new figures, and the majority of what I have is just taking up space now. I will not be splitting anything up for parts. Here is everything that I am selling:

    Griffin (new but missing white mailer--I opened the white box, threw it away and decided to sell my collection before opening the inside packaging)

    Gygor (loose)

    He-Man: The ridiculous, tiny Heroclix custom in my profile picture (loose)

    Icarius (loose)

    Megator (loose)

    Megator (loose)

    Slush Head (loose)

    Slush Head (new)

    Stratos (loose - scratch on belt) Click here for pictures.

    Tytus (loose)

    Again, I am selling most of what I have, aside from some of the absolute core stuff.

    PayPal is my weapon of choice, and of course I will provide tracking info. I am only shipping within the United States. PM me with offers!

    Good journey!

    I will mark off the sold figures down here:

    Grizzlor (loose)

    He-Man: Original red-eyed version (loose)

    He-Ro: MattyCollector version with green stone (loose)

    Hordak (loose)

    Horde Prime (new)

    Griffin (new)

    King Grayskull: Bronze SDCC version, autographed by the Four Horsemen, with Four Horsemen sticker (new) Click here for photos and videos.

    Mer-Man: Toys R Us version (loose)

    Mo-Larr vs Skeletor with Skelly still attached to the paper/plastic dental chair (loose)

    Moss Man with unflocked ears (loose)

    Orko with Prince Adam: SDCC version (loose)

    Polly Pocket SDCC She-Ra set (new)

    Queen Marlena/Captain Glenn with Cringer (loose)

    Queen Marlena/Captain Glenn with Cringer (loose)

    She-Ra with stickers missing from the classic-toy mask (loose)

    Snake Man-At-Arms (new)

    Stratos: Toys R Us version (loose)

    Vikor (loose)
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