Hey orgers,

gotta move this stuff out ASAP.. Please and thank you !!!

if anything strikes your interest.. hit me up and i can send some pics and we can work out a deal. Sections_collection@rogers.com

AFA Loose Vintage Moss man U85 grade 40.00 plus shipping

Horde troppers custom eternia carded and numbered figures 40 each plus shipping

comics: All 3 dollars each

King of Castle Grayskull (French and English-Canadian version) X2
The Warrior Machine (French and English-Canadian version-Mint other than back page which has a crease -
hordak The Ruthless Leader X3(French and English)
Las Hordas De Hordak-a rare Del Universo comic
The Fastest Draw in the Universe (French and English)
The Clash of Arms
King of the Snake Men (French and English)
Rock People to the rescue (French and English)
Temple of Darkness X2(French and English)
Rock People to the rescue (Canadian version)
The Battle Begins-200X mini comic

Bashasaurus loose dead mint no stickers applied -10.00 plus shipping

Stridor-great shape-5.00 plus shipping

Land shark - good shape 5.00 plus shipping

Screetch with perch still sealed in Baggie -5.00 plus shipping

i also have some golden books for sale as well.