I really like Transformers and would like to start reading the IDW comics.

Am I right in thinking that IDW have 'retold' the Transformers origin? Apparently this is a good reading order, but it only goes up to 2011. Does anyone have a more up to date list thank this?

Megatron:Origin 1-4
Spotlight: Blurr
Drift 1-4
Spotlight: Shockwave
Spotlight: Jazz
Spotlight: Cliffjumper
Spotlight: Wheelie
Spotlight: Sixshot
Spotlight: Hot Rod
Spotlight: Soundwave
Spotlight: Ultra MAgnus
Spotlight: Nightbeat
Infiltration 0-6
Spotlight: Kup
Stormbringer 1-4
Escalation 1-6
Spotlight: Ramjet
Spotlight: Galvatron
Spotlight: Optimus Prime
Spotlight: Blaster
Spotlight: Arcee
Devestation 1-6
Spotlight: Grimlock
Spotlight: Mirage
Spotlight: Cyclonus(Revelations pt1)
Spotlight: Hardhead(Revelations pt2)
Spotlight: Doubledealer(Revelations pt3)
Spotlight: Sideswipe(Revelations pt4)
Maximum Dinobots 1-5
All Hail Megatron 15 story A
Spotlight: Drift
All Hail Megatron 15 story B
Spotlight: Metroplex
All Hail Megatron 1-14, 16
Last Stand of the Wreckers 1(Prior Ongoing 1)
Spotlight: Prowl(leads in to ongoing 1)
Ongoing 1-3 AND Last Stand of the Wreckers 2-5(Both Happen at same time)
Ongoing 4
Bumblebee 1-4
Ongoing 5-18
Transformers: Infestation 1-2(Lead in to Heart of Darkness)
Ironhide 1-4
Hearts of Darkness 1-4
Ongoing 19-present

I'm good for getting these issues, but how will I know what comes after this? Obviously the ongoing will just carry on, but do I need to get any separate issues that tie into the main story?

Thanks in advance