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Thread: Swedish stickers

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    Swedish stickers

    I know there's at least two guys from that side of the Gulf of Bothnia, so three questions:
    1) Who are on sheet with #1-#6?
    2) Is there a background sheet in existence, or is that just a recommended gluing pattern on a regular empty A4?
    3) Is the more of these from #13->?

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    I had this sheet when i was a kid, its stickers to place on the larger pink and white sheet,, the nr 5 is actually the price tag 5 kroner. I think the first ones were he man, skeletor, teela , beast man, man at arms , and mer man. They sold theese with a see thru plastic cover, much like a greeting card. I had this in the norwegian version so they are most likely a scandinavian thing

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    There was a big poster sheet with places for each figure, the poster being a photo of a diorama. A3 or slightly bigger. I'm pretty certain there was more of the sheets released, but without solid proof, I don't want to confirm it 100%. Some of the sticker sheets were on "Tradera", a subsidiary and local version of ebay recently, but money was at an all time low so I hade to settle for a copy of another Swedish (perhaps Scandinavian) exclusive, the A5 version of the mini comics. I've never seen the poster itself up for sale.

    There are a decent number of Swedish collectors of MOTU so if I can't find confirmation, someone else should be able to.

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