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Thread: Greetings from Oslo!

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    Greetings from Oslo!

    Hi everyone,

    new poster here.
    That is, new to this forum, not new to He-man.

    I first got introduced to the toys when I was a wee kid way back in 1984, and the Filmation cartoon shortly after. The toys were nice, but the cartoon was ,quite literally, a lifechanger. It was the first proper animation I ever saw, up until that it was all Eastern European propaganda and homebrew approved by the state. He-man literally opened up a whole new world to me and those of my generation. Transfomers, Inspector Gadget and the lot came shortly after, but He-man was the first, the opening of the floodgates.

    I don't really care about the toys one way or the other today (apart from the Castle Grayskull set, in my next house I'll have a dedicated home theatre/hobbyroom, and it will be on display there), I'm all about the cartoon, specifically Filmation. The Mike Young series is excellent, New Adventures has its moments, by Filmation is a symbol to me, and the only true He-man.

    That is not to say I'm obsessed or anything. My fandom has been dormant for years, restricted to seeing the cartoons every now and then, and chatting about the upcoming movie if and when it happens from time to time on the imdb boards. But now, with the DC comic, the IOS game, and the in development movie, my fandom came enough to the forefront that I sought out this forum.

    Looking forward to many discussions on here.

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    Welcome norse_sage.
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    Hey man! Welcome. The cartoon was indeed epic. We rented them on VHS, and saw them over and over. Did you not have any motu toys? What kind of toys did you have then? G.I. Joe?
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    Yeah, we had MOTU toys, I wrote about the first ones I got in another thread. Maybe I wasn't clear enough, for which I apologize, but what I meant was that the toys, nice as they were, I stopped caring about after a few months/years - the cartoon however blew me away when I first saw it, and if anything I appreciate it even more now than I did then!

    We had GI Joe tous, but I never got into it - I was all about He-man, and secondarily Tranformers and MASK.

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    Welcome to Hope you enjoy your time here
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    On behalf of's admin, staff, and moderators, allow me to extend an official Hello and welcome to, norse_sage!! We're very glad to have you join our site hope you have a fun time discussing Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power here.

    Please be sure to read over the rules for posting here when you have an opportunity. Most of them are pretty easy to follow.

    Rock'in username!

    We hope you really enjoy your time here! Welcome!
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