While this isn't a Masters of the Universe classics question, it does answer a question that many fans have been asking recently...

Voting day question: Why is Uncle Sam Red, GRAY, and blue?

Those colors on Uncle Sam are not right. He should be red, WHITE, and blue. Even if it's a plastic thing, as a voting American with friends who were shot at defending our flag(as eye-rolling as you may think it is), it's disrespectful.

Do I think you meant disprespect? No, but why is the color white SPECIFICALLY so difficult to get right on your figures on a consistent basis? I haven't seen the same trouble when you paint their eyes and teeth white. It's on the same darn toy.

I don't wish to hear we are always improving. I know you do your best. You take that one step forward constantly. And it's only constantly because it's proceeded and followed by one step back.

Great question. I went right to Bill from design for info:

"This is a design choice- white can look “unfinished”, so for adult collector product we chose PMS Cool Gray 2C
to “stand in” for white. Black oversprays sometimes get heavy in production and can gray it out (I recall this happening
on the gloves of some of the GL 5-pack figures when we initially reviewed), but usually it reads well as white and the lower contrast
makes the figure look more sophisticated and less “toy like”.

We DO use white on the eyes to give them greater contrast and act as a “focal point” for bringing life to the figure."

-Well there you go! Hope that helps.