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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread November 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for November 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Shipping costs for new sized items

    Is it possible to get a shipping quote for new sized items such as Granamyr in advance?
    Until now it is still unknown how much we have to pay for the dragon. In one of your latest videos however, you had a boxed product sample, so Digital River should already be able to check the shipping costs and add all those information to the website.

    Shipping costs will vary based on where you want him send, which service you use, and how fast you want him to arrive. There are just too many variables for us to post a "shipping cost".
    Castle Grayskull - add-on packs (sold separately)?

    Hi ToyGuru, firstly I just want to say congratulations on the MOTUC toyline. I can honestly say it's one of the most impressive action figure lines I've ever seen. The product quality, attention to detail, depth of characters, and above-all the sincere passion shown by yourself and everyone else involved is to be highly commended.

    Anyway, I started a topic on the MOTUC board for people to post their Castle Grayskull suggestions and consideration points for Mattel.

    There's been a lot of great suggestions, but obviously there is a limit to the Castle budget. So my question is, would Mattel consider offering Castle Grayskull "add-on" packs, to be sold separately, in the future?

    From small accessories to more ambitious/larger add-ons, I think there's a lot of potential here. Would appreciate any comments you have, thank you.

    It could be possible. After all, we did one already! See the Weapons Rak! That item will not be in the Castle. You needed to buy this, and ideally have it already!
    Sorceress Reprint?

    Hey, new to collecting and to the forums. Is there any chance of a reprint of the original Sorceress of Grayskull figure? I mean the Orange/Blue/White version. I already have the All White version.

    Alas no. We tried doing second runs for a year or two and no one outside of He-Man performed to expectations. So we stopped I believe around Man-E-Faces last year. While it doesn't 100% guarantee their won't be reissues of key characters any time in the future (i.e a movie year?) there are NO plans to reissue any 2012 figure on right now.

    We may have a small amount of customer service stock we can sell off (like we just did with Votron),but some figures like Fisto and Sorceress are 100% sold out including the CS stock.
    Surprises still to come ???

    Are we still going to hear about the extra surprises at TF in Feb ??

    Are have things change due to the lines low sign up???

    It just seems that MOTU fans might be re-awaking with the success of CG playset making it into production and the possibility of other products beyond the figs might be on the table in the future too.

    Thanks and keep up the great work

    Yes we do have something big (an addition to now showing - we hope - the sculpt of Castl Grayskull for MOTUC fans at NYTF in the works.
    OO-lar, son of Vykron?

    I noticed on the original mini-comic image that 'He-man" (who, this early on I would surmise to be OO-lar) is holding, not his traditional axe, but the exact axe that came with Vykron. Plus if I'm not mistaken they are both from the vine jungle.

    Yes, I'll keep reading the bios.


    This I can confirm is not true. Oo-lar is not Vykron's son.
    About our 2013 subscription

    I'm sure i'm not the only one in this case
    i have to move in December, so i need to change my shipping adress for my 2013subscription
    The digital river's mail said the MY SUBSCRPTION PAGE would be up late fall 2012
    And you lately said it would be extremely soon

    So my question is Can we expect the My subscription page to be fixed before the shipping confirmation mail for 2013 first figures?

    It will be up soon. It is still fall after all. (Dec 21st is the first day of winter).
    Force Captain Adora

    I love the King He-man reveal. Maybe you guys can use Force Captain Adora as the next sub exclusive. I know in Filmation she uses the same outfit but she can look completely different in MOTUC as Force Captain. Maybe resemble hordaks color scheme with black and silver or gray and silver outfit with bat symbols and a mean expression.

    This would be a cool variant of Adora. But no matter how many slots we are getting in 2014, we're going to use 2014 and potentially 2015 to try and "wrap up the line". More fan demanded variants like this might need to be on the back burner for some more demanded vintage updates first.
    Would there ever be a Kuduk Ungol (old sorceress)figure?

    Would there ever be a Kuduk Ungol (old sorceress)figure?.....I mean she basically is Sorceress with a different head ...Woud at least her head and a zoar to match it a possility?

    Always possible if fans continue to support the line. There are a lot of highly demanded Filmation characters to get to!
    Wind Raider Pilot

    Since you are going to release the vehicle drivers as the Fighting Foe Men in 2013, are you ever going to get to the Wind Raider pilot? Is he/she/it a Fighting Foe Man too? Is he/she/it their leader?

    A character who would be a lot of fun to do. And whether or not he has anything to do with the FFM remains to be seen. No plans right now to announce.
    what's up with the ToD Sorceress?

    You told us, she will be available in december.

    Now you have thrown her into the black friday sale AND anyone can order 99 pieces of her?

    So, what will you offer to customers that enter mattycollector in december and then find out you sold her three weeks earlier without the usual limitation to ten units?

    Its because Granamyr slipped from Sept to Dec.

    All sales and info is always subject to change. While we originally thought about holding her for Dec, due to BOTH Procrustus and Granamyr now being in Dec, we wanted to spread out the purchases as bit and moved her as the only "new item" for Cyber Monday (at least first time oneline, she was avail at various conventions in 2012).

    Her full quota is up now (despite a slight mishap on day one where her quota was in two places and a "sold out" was up for an hour or so.

    This is intended to be her one and only sale. Get her while you can. The intention, as mentioned above is to help with the Dec sub price since two high price items are now both in Dec with Granamyr slipping from out intended Sept sale.
    Grayskullman order

    So, I just managed to order two CGM.
    Him going on-sale again, better isn't another Mattel/ Digital River mess-up...
    Can you confirm this being legit, Scott?

    We are selling off all remaining CS stock of the 6 30th anniver figures during Cyber Monday. This is total last call for all 6 figures. Once they are gone they are gone. We wanted to make them truly about 2012 and therefore are selling the very small amount of CS stock we have. This includes CGM, even though he only first went on sale last week during the regular Nov sale. If he hasn't sold out during that sale we would have just kept him up leading into this one. But as it turned out he sold out first both times offered. He is the big winner in terms of fastest selling 30th fig! Way to go Daniel!
    Did you sell CastleGrayskullman CS stock before collectors could QC their toys first?

    Next to Castle Grayskullman during the Better Than Black Friday sale says the following:

    "NOTE: Due to extremely limited stock there are no exchanges available for this item. If you need to return a defective product, you’ll receive a full refund."

    A couple of folks already have had somewhat minor issues with his face mold, but the question remains: Did you just sell the CS stock for replacements? I am concerned that folks like myself who haven't even received him yet won't have the opportunity to QC my own toy and replace it if he in fact comes defective in any way. Why would you sell replacement stock so soon? With that logic, he should have remained "in stock" on the 15th, no? Can we get an update on him specifically? Thank you!

    For Castlegrayskullman, like the rest of the 30th anniver figures, we are selling off every last unit to keep these figures special for 2012. They won't ever be offered again. You can get a refund, but not a replacement for these 6 if defective.
    How come?

    How come matty is selling the remain stock from client support when many collectors from europe didn't received their october stuff yet?

    I'm one of those and I'm surely not alone...

    See this link...

    It seams EU collectors are back to the beginning of the year when our figures took about 2 months to get here... (When they did arrive)

    Please see what's hapening with EU shipping

    We can't always control things such as shipping times for all customers in all countries. We are selling off the remaining 2012 30th fig's CS stock since these figures are all special for 2012. This will be the very last time any of these 6 figures are offered ever. Total last call on Photog through Grayskullman. They will not be offered again outside of this sale, outside of 2012.
    More Non-Sub Offerings?

    Storm, Arrow, Sundancer and Moonbeam are essentially direct reuses of the Swiftwind Mold. Why not put them up as non-subs in the Essentials Store and let them sell out in their own due time?

    All of those items require work. We have to change Swiftwind into the other horse with things like deco and or new head or armor as needed. There are all development skus.
    Temple of Darkness Sorceress advertised as including Zoar???

    I was under the impression that she will NOT be coming with Zoar... especially since TOD Zoar was included in the latest weapons pack. Perhaps you guys should change this since it would be false advertising. Just a thought.

    "Repainted Sorceress® reflects her appearance in the vintage mini-comics, with all white/silver deco and Teela® boots! Features opening wings and includes Zoar staff and power orb holder."

    Re-read the description. It says she comes with the "Zoar Staff" not the bird Zoar. Her staff, the white one with Zoar bird on it, is the "Zoar Staff"


    Future Play Set Pre-Orders?

    Now that Castle Grayskull has passed the pre-order test, will you be open to having pre-orders for Snake Mountain, Fright Zone, Crystal Castle, Eternia, Starship Eternia and Nordor?

    Will we be seeing more types of pre-orders?

    I can tell you we don't have another playset in the works right now. Would be cool, but no plans right now beyond the Castle.
    Will we get updates on the progress of Castle Grayskull??

    I'm assuming the pre-production process is underway in terms of creating a prototype of the castle. Will we be able to get periodic updates of any kind BEFORE any toy conventions, like sneak peeks of the castle being sculpted? Or at the very least, information regarding additions/subtractions of included accessories? I think since we all voted with our wallets and locked ourselves into a product that will not exist for another year, it would be a nice gesture to hook the fans up with spoilers from time to time.

    Totally! We're hoping to show as much of the in process development as we can.
    future 2-pack for CGM

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants more Castle GraySkull men. I have a sub, but one is not enough indeed to go with the Castle which I also have 2 on order.

    So, How about a future 2-pack of CGM like the Snake-Man/Palace Guards? You can do some head variants with Helmets, no hair, color decos etc. to make these all new and not a wasted sku for a simple re-issue. Maybe a big stone hammer for an accessory for one...just an idea, thanks for your time!

    I love this line!

    A cool idea, but no plans for this right now. We're going to try and maximize our skus to get out as many vintage, POP, NA and demanded Filmation and 200X figures as we can. This might not be so much of a priority.

    Still, cool idea.
    200x in 2013?

    You've said there will be more POP in 2013. Can you tell us if there are any 200x figures planned as well?

    You mean a figure from the 200X series. Yes, there will be at least one in a monthly slot in 2013 as we have done every year. Maybe more.
    Since Castle Grayskull...

    sold well past the numbers needed could we now see the swivel chair that triggers the trapdoor?

    Thanks for your time and congratulations on Castle Grayskull! Thank you, Scott.

    The Castle selling well does not give us more resources beyond what was shown on the blueprints. The Castle selling well is what GIVES us those blueprints.

    So no, the Chair does not trigger the door but a switch will. We are still working on this. (at least this is the latest I have heard. Maybe design will be able to do this, I just know it is not planned now).
    Castle Grayskull Portal Idea

    Some fans have brought up an idea to have a portal incorporated within Castle Grayskull. What if the portal was a hologram sticker of a glimpse of Preternia like the image below. It would be awesome to see the dinosaurs somewhat animated through the sticker process.

    A very cool idea. I know that isn't on the blue print and I don't if we have room to add more to the Castle and still keep it at 250.00. If we do, happy to keep this in mind!
    Granamyr - International shipping costs (UK)

    Just wondered if you had any idea of what the shipping costs are likely to be to be to the UK/US/rest of Europe for the big red dragon? Really excited about getting my paws on him; just wondered how much it's going to sting me for!

    I can't ever really comment on shipping costs as their are too many variables. Which service, how fast, where you live, etc...
    Black Friday Sale

    "Want to know what will be on sale? Come back to on Wednesday morning 11/21! Although I can’t tell you now which products you’ll find, we’re sure the sale will be a roaring success and we’re doing our best to conjure up some great deals that do justice to all our great lines"

    Thats great for the US customers that can get onto Mattycollector at 9am just to browse, but how about thinking about your international customers. Just to see if there is anything wanted in your sale means waking up at 3:30am for Australian customers. Hardly fair. Please reconsider putting up a list of items going on sale on the first day, even if it only goes up 12 hours before the sale starts. is run out of El Segundo California. That is why we use Pacific time. It doesn't work for everyone, but it is what we have always used.
    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    For MOTUC, will it just be 2012 figures or will there be some from previous years as well?

    There will actually be no monthly or quarterly Club Eternia 2012 figures available on Cyber Monday. They all sold out.

    We may have some very small quota of customer service stock on a handful, of skus (not Fisto!) but it may be too few to offer on CM and we may find other ways to distribute these down the road if there is anything left on any 2012 Club Eternia sku. But the bulk of the quota which is offered for sale has sold out each month. Only the held back CS stock may remain and not for every figure.
    Chrome She-Ra

    The chrome She-Ra that was given away at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con: Was that a custom or official release?

    That was an official prize given out by Mattel. All three were custom made by our trade show team (the same team that makes those nifty dioramas) using a standard She-Ra covered in vac metal and attached to a base.
    Frosta charges?

    I have only now been charged for Frosta. I thought that we were not being charged for her. Could someone please clarify this for me?

    All sub holder and day of purchase makers are charged for all product. We never announced there would be free Frostas. You may be confused with the free gift we are sending to sub holders due to the error on Frosta's gloves. This is coming down the road.
    The Salon!!!

    Moving forward could we please send the great rebellion ladies, and any female good motu chicks to the same nail salon that Evil-Lyn, Catra, and Shadow Weever goes to?

    You got it.
    My Sub Page- The Great Big Lie

    Catra said: "The 'my subscriptions' page tool will be up and running before Castle Grayskull ships"

    Well I certainly HOPE it will be available before the end of 2013. Pardon me if I scoff with a huge snort of dubiousness at the idea that it's coming at all though at this point. The My Sub page has become like the white buffalo, the great white whale, Unicorns, and other creatures of myth. We keep being told it will be available. We keep being promised it's coming. But we have yet to see any sign that it's looming any closer. Please, for God's sake just let this sucker free already.

    It will be up before it ships. CG ships in Q4 2013 and the my sub page will be up extremely soon. Where is the lie?


    And thank you to the fans for supporting the Castle!
    2014 Plans

    When will we know the status of 2014? Will we have the same amount of SKUS? Less? A sub at all? What is the status?

    Likely by early next summer.
    Split payments for Castle Grayskull?

    I don't come here too often, so I do apologize if this has been asked before, but out of curiosity, would it be possible to split the payments for CG like you guys did for the Star Sisters?

    I realize that it's a over year from now and that's plenty of time to set aside money for it, but $250 (+ tax & shipping) is still a chunk of change to be letting go, even for the Castle.

    I think having at least two payments (three would be better, but that may be a hard sell to the Matty "powers that be") would soften the financial blow for those of us already committed to this. If it were made note on CG's sale page, could potentially drive in more sales from both the committed and those who were initially driven away in sticker shock.

    You have a year to save. We can't do split payments.
    Thermometer update going forward

    Now that we've hit the goal which is awesome, is it possible that the thermometer will keep getting updates just to see how well the castle is doing over the next couple months?

    Thanks for all your hard work and making the line work

    Honestly, we'll prob ditch the meter now. We've hit the min. It will be great to keep getting orders for the next two months but no reason we need to be as diligent tracking it.
    Grayskull Nailbiter ...

    With Grayskull going through, I think a ToyGuru video might be in order.

    What do you think?

    Speech! Speech! Speech!

    I'll see if I can get something in the works. Was a little busy today...

    But man, couldn't be more excited.

    As a collector, personally, I'm getting a Grayskull! (what I can't be personally excited!)

    AS a brand manager, wow, we're all getting a Grayskull! You guys did it. Honestly, you proved how many MOTU fans are out there and that is saying a lot. No one has ever tried anything quite like this and we did the impossible, and that makes us mighty
    Master-ful News!

    I am on cloud nine! Thank you for believing in us; this line is indeed a love letter to the fans, and the greatest toyline of the 80's lives again, as strong as ever. Castle Grayskull has re-electrified the line.

    I say, this is perhaps the biggest day so far in MOTUC! What say you, Toy Guru??? Thank you for being a fan, and getting this to where we are today!

    This was totally the fans. I am really blow away. We had both "go" and "no go" graphics and news stories ready to go. Conspiracy theories aside, this really did come down to last day sales!
    cover art contest

    hey matty now thats outta the way(big sigh of releif) can we possibly hold a contest to have one of the fans layout to be used for the base of rudys' painting. I think that would be the ultimate incentive for one fan.

    Not likely. As cool as it would be, their are legal issues with things like this. Plus, don't want to step on Rudy's toes! His show.
    Point Dread/Talon Fighter Question

    I'm not sure if this would qualify as a playset, a vehicle, or both, but it's such a great addition to Castle Grayskull, is there hope?

    PS Congrats on CGS! Great news!

    Not in the cards now, but I personally hope this might happen. But I got nothing to announce now. ;-)
    More SKUs?

    Now that the fans have voted on CG and it's been greenlit, will this help 2014 get more (or at least not lose any) SKUs?

    2014 is actually too far down the pipe to be affected now. It isn't approved, but it is too far along. The Grayskull sale if anything would affect 2015.
    Target goal to get all of the 5 optional Grayskull items?

    Heya Mad Matty Crew!

    Ok, so we not only hit the minimum production goal, we exceded it!

    So! I have to ask.

    How many more orders would we need to sell to get not one but all 5 out of the 5 optional additions to the castle that Toy Guru mentioned recently in a podcast?

    Seriously! Gimmie a target to rally the troops toward!! I WILL TRY MY BEST drive us to hitting it!!!

    It has nothing to do with the number of units. More units does not equal more set pieces and add ons. We have a set price and cost we need to hit to keep it at 250.00 for customers. Once we sculpt we will have a better idea of how much the cost really is (everything is estimate based on the image).

    If after we sculpt we are under budget we will look into adding more items in and maybe letting fans vote on these items if it is logistically possible. But adding items has zero to with quota. Hope that helps.
    Will mounts be counted in the 10 character limit?

    Just wondering if mounts like Battle Cat will take up one of the character slots or would he and He-Man count as one? Same with other similar pairs like Skeletor/Panthor and She-Ra/Swift Wind.

    Yes. So He-Man on Battle Cat would take two slots. It is simply a matter of wanting to focus on the Castle and not clutter it with too many characters. Just look at the original as an example.
    Castle Grayskull accessories

    IF Castle Grayskull goes through, would it be possible to get more accessories for it in the future, out of sub? Like the weapons rack?

    PS Why no love for Gwildor? He's an awesome little dude!

    Yes. It would be possible to offer accessories in other ways down the road like we did with the Weapon Rak.
    Current Percentage of Castle Grayskulls sold?

    What is the current percentage of CG sold as of today? Are we at least over 90%?

    Here's to a great 2013 of MOTUC with Castle Grayskull included to the line!

    We had a few bulk orders and have to verify if they are true. If you receive a courtesy email or call from CS, it will really help if you can confirm your order. This is holding up the tally right now.

    If these are true orders, awesome. It really helps. If not, we may not make it. So please bare with us as we verify some unusual orders to make sure we know if we are there or not.
    Castle Grayskull Box Art

    The other day on Council of the First Ones podcast, I told you about my Meteorb love. So here is Comet Cat, and I included a 87 character and POP to show more love for all the factions. Just need to find the perfect NA character now. I have started a trend as you will see, and it looks like this could work. :-)

    Gwildor. Really? ;-P

    Where is his boxart?
    Where is his bio?
    How much shipping for this spectacular item?
    How much does he weight?
    When will we see official photos?
    And... what if Castle Grayskull reaches only 95% of the minimum...will it still be cancelled?

    I just posted a video on Friday! Check it out on our Youtube channel.

    Should Grayskull Go Forward...

    Will a successful Grayskull pre-order open the door for preorders for other "odd" items in the line? For example, something like Mantisaur- which I know is a beast but also one that does not reuse parts at all... since the beast skus are very limited (it looks like there are no beasts in the 2013 sub), it seems the pre-order could be a great way not only to get playsets out, but also more of these labor-intensive unique-sculpt items like Mantisaur, Monstroid, etc.

    I suppose anything is possible, but the Castle also has the added "public recongnition factor" to casual fans. Most casual fans have no idea what a Monstroid is.
    I'm holding out for a He-ro...

    Is there any chance He-Ro might be making an appearance again any time soon? He's been missing from my collection for far too long!

    If we still have stock. I don't know if we do. We won't be going back into production for sure.

    How's the thermometer? Have we got there?

    On Friday we were at 81%.
    Now it's the time for the Masters to arise!

    C'mon people, let's do this.
    It's the time to stand up and add an effort to make it possible for Castle Grayskull to be made in the MOTUC way.
    Masters of the World unite!

    Black Friday for MOTUC?

    Is there gonna be a Black Friday Sale for Masters of the Universe Classics line?

    Wait and see!
    Castle Grayskull's Other Walls

    It seems the current design takes some cues from the Icon Heroes Statue. If Castle Grayskull gets made, would it be possible to get the other two walls as optional add-ons for more display options?

    Anything is possible but we don't have plans like this now.
    FREE Idea I am GIVING Mattel - Squeeze's arms

    [NOTE FOR MODS I know squeeze has not been announced nor or is it "Currently" planned.. that we know of. BUT, I simply wish to pass along a possible solution for Toy Guru and the 4H design team as food for thought in regards to the non-articulated arms issue/argument that most ppl are having here about the Squeeze figure's MOTUC update.]

    Here is a FREE IDEA I give to Mattel, as a possible solution to make articulated Squeeze arms...

    section 1 ---- 1 Draegoman Shoulder -[already made]
    Section 2 ---- 1 Draegoman Bicep -[already made]
    Section 3 ---- [1 New] forearm in dreagoman skin style with ball socket on the end instead of a hand plug hole. -[digital modification of existing part]
    Section"s" 4,5,6 -- [1 NEW] section made with draegoman skin style repetedly used - each made how the rattlor neck extention was made [using a balljoint socket on one end, an ball joint on other end]
    Section 7 [1 NEW] Final arm section "modified from section 5 above, -[BUT]- with a bracer digitaly resized an added onto the above part from a standard heman bracer an the standard hand plug hole on the very end.

    This design would allow for standard arm articulation AND some "snake-like" posing of the arms as well, and is also a basic articulation of how the 200X "Staction" squeeze figure looked.

    Well thanks for the great idea!
    castle grayskull idea what else, lol.

    some wanted to see a full castle grayskull with 4 walls, why not come with the option that its always possible to add a piece of wall on the loose sides. not saying it should come down the road but just having the option to put another wall to it would be great "if" we would get another wall down the road.

    4 walls would more than double the price. We went with two to pay homage to the vintage set and keep the price at 250.00
    CG local pickup possibility????

    Scott, for those of us in Southern Cali, what're the chances of doing a local pickup from DR? It would save some of us a lot of $$$, and if it were feesable, it would even allow us to buy more than one and possibly sell them to our foreign friends at cost. Just an idea, but I know if I were to save $50+ on Castle Greyskull, I'd buy 3

    I'm not sure if they can do that. But I'd be happy to ask.
    Cross sell poster question

    Sorry, I'm a little confused. Will the poster feature every figure up until December 2013?

    CAstle Grayskull Box

    The vote for the characters to appear on the box where and how is this going to be done? I hope its an email sent to THE CUSTOMERS THAT PREORDERED. We are the customers supporting and buying the Castle versus letting people on the org or other forums that aren't purchasing let their LOUD voices be heard.

    Yes, the plan (if the Castle happens at all) is for all pre order customers to get a code to vote for 10 characters from a list. I'll be sure to vet the list on the forums ahead of time to make sure we don't leave anyone out!
    Castle Grayskull Box Art

    Why the limitation on 5 heroes and 5 villains on the Grayskull box art?

    Some of the most iconic images of MOTU come from the grand battle scenes depicted from 1980s art. These scenes showcase numerous characters from all the factions, regardless of who's A-list and who's not. Mattel even recreated one of the posters with MOTUC figures in a display case at SDCC.

    I appreciate the thought of allowing fans to decide who should appear on the box. Great way to promote fan involvement in the line!

    Here's to hoping for some great news next week!

    We feel that more than 10 characters might be too many for the box. We want to make sure you can clearly see all 10 while still focusing on the Castle first. We don't want the castle in the background if you will. It needs to be front and center.
    Bio book?

    Just curious Matty, after the bios are written for all your characters any way a book could be made with all the collected bios? That would be a cool seller!

    I'd love to do that one day. Who knows if it will happen but would be cool.
    No older figures this month, and a list

    TG. I see that no older figures will be for sale this month, and I can't understand why.

    I'll level with you, I'm going to subscribe next year, now that you've assured us that the most important remaining characters will be made. But I started this line late, just like lots of other people. In my case, I would have subbed starting in year two if I didn't see all the DR horror stories.

    But why can't someone just TELL US what older figures you have left? You say you can't make any more of the old figures....fine. But to say "we'll have this list my next year".....thats just nonsense, all due respect. Mattel is a HUGE company...are you really telling me you can't just send a guy to spend a day counting? It just makes no sense.

    No one likes to pay the secondary market prices. I still don't have Teela and one of the weapon packs, among others that I'm dreading having to pay the ridiculous prices for. But that is an unfortunate part of collecting. It is NOT ok, however, to make us spend the extra money, when something will be on sale again or your site.

    So please TG, be reasonable. You get requests for this ALL the time. Please make it happen THIS year.

    We should be able to report in early 2013 exactly what older figures are left. Quita a lot are gone for good.
    Grayskull Regular Update's Request

    Heya Mad Matty Crew!

    I was just hoping to see if I could trouble you guys for daily updates either with the Grayskull thermometer graphic image or any kind of word on where we stand percentage wise daily.
    It's all I am askin in return after I have been bustin my butt here tryin to sell this preorder.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed here that we hit the goal, as I would love to see Mattel do even more preorders like this in the future!


    A few hours to go! We are close.
    Cross Sell Poster opinion

    You asked for opinions!!! I'll jump on that ^_^

    Personally, I hope that when the cross sell poster of all the figures up to date is worked on... it is NOT like this.

    That is boring and not fun to hang on a wall. I REALLY hope it's more like THIS!!!!

    As such, I really don't care if the flocked/nonflocked eared varients get thrown in, but something like THIS... with EVERY MOTUC figure made to date?!? THIS would be a glorious thing to have hanging on the wall!!!

    It will look like the cross sell on the cards backs. Only bigger. It will use the same images although I am pushing to get a few characters re shot in their correct vintage cross sell pose like He-Man, Skeletor and Beast Man. I also want to get Battlecat reshot with his helmet on correct.

    Of course all of this depends on the poster actually happening if the Castle Presell goes through!
    Director's Commentary

    When are you going to pick up where you left off? We still have a lot of figures to hear about.

    Yeah, I am WAY behind. I've been very busy with Power Con, NYCC and the Castle Presale. I hope to hit a bunch and get back on track soon. If anyhting had to slip, this was it. Shipping the actual toys takes way more priority.
    Head Repaints

    I know a pack of all-new heads is not in the cards but how about throwing some repainted heads our way? I would love to see brown and green snake men heads from the two pack to give alternate looks for Kobra Khan and Rattlor. Also black and pink Zodac heads and a white faced Skeletor would be awesome in a future weapons pack.

    Repaints would use up a developement skus and we are putting every sku right now into all new characters right now.
    Castle Grayskull related questions.

    First, On the graphic for the thermometer. Why not just have whoever posts it change the hover text to say "grayskull thermometer 65%" so we can hover over the thermometer after updates and change it to match the current levels so we don't have to guess what it is saying.

    Second, Please make the grayskull robot and computer for grayskull the Comic con exclusive since it would probably need alot of original pieces right and due to being a comic con piece would have its own special budget.

    Thanks for your time.

    We are trying to get the % loaded up as a graphic.

    As for your second question, that remains to be seen! We haven't even sold in the Castle yet!
    Landscape: Suggestion for the Castle Grayskull

    Congratulations by your work Scott...

    Have CG will fabulous, never it I have when I was child now I accomplished my preorder.Only I have one suggestion: please Include in the castle one supersized image in cardboard with the image of landscape of Eternia, Yellow Sky and panoramic view of the earth; such and as appears in the cardbacks of the figures for put by the part back of castle that us allow build a diorama full for simulate the appearance of castle as in series of Motu200x. Something like to it done with Stay Puft of GB.

    While a cool idea, we are not planning on this right now. We're putting everythign into the toy.
    2nd Floor of CG ??

    I was looking over the sheet and saw the foam module ..WOW its going to be big..but my questions is:

    1)Will the inside levels (mainly level 2) be able to have the space for 2 motuc figures to stand side by side ?? Like if they are facing the throne chair or is the space you have planed only good for one fig to do this ???

    2)In short whats the max figs on either side of level 2 that can/will be able to stand side by side each other ???

    Thank you and keep up the great work

    P.S.Just so you know, this question doesn't have me on the fence about ordering...I already pre-ordered 2 CG's and thinking about re-adding a 3rd one

    I honestly won't know this until the castle is sculted.
    Re: How will CG be different to the Hoverboard?

    Scott, I'm curious, was your idea to entice me into preordering Castle Grayskull with your canned response to that question (and likewise anyne else in a similar position to me who might be reading it) or were you trying to alienate people who had preordered a Hoverboard, felt burned by the outcome and were therefore quite understandibly on the fence about buying a preorder?

    I was asking you for reassurances so I had enough confidence in the product to preorder, not about how proud you were of the Hoverboard.

    How proud you are of the Hoverboard is irrelevant here - I and many others felt burned by it and I am incredibly nervous and hesitant about forking out twice as much money for another "sight unseen" preorder. I'd like a MOTUC Castle Grayskull, but the whole Hoverboard fiasco has completely destroyed my confidence in Mattel to deliver high ticket items.

    I'll give you one last chance to convince me of why Castle Grayskull wont be a repeat of what happened with the Hoverboard (both in terms of design team based issues and costings) in case there might have somehow been some misunderstanding here.

    How can I be reassured that the issues that eventuated with the Hoverboard will not eventuate with Castle Grayskull? In other words -

    A) Can you give an iron clad guarantee that Mattel will not replace the Four Horsemen with a less expensive (and arguably less skilled) in-house design team at any point between now and when Castle Grayskull is released?

    B) Has this been costed thoroughly enough that virtually everything on offer in the features listed can either be offered with the Castle and where anything not included could be sold as an add-on pack (like what has already happened with the Weapons Rack)?

    The HB and CG are very different type of items.

    For the HB, there were over 30 different "true" versions, all made for different shots in the film. As a prop replica we did our best to make it as accurate as possible. And, because we offered as a presale sight unseen, I did go to bat with legal and find a way to allow anyone who is unhappy to cancel their preorder now before it ships (just call our CS line!). So really no harm no foul. If you truly do not like the final board as shown at NYCC you can opt out of your presale.

    For the castle, not only fo you have 5 years of product to base your choice on (knowing the Castle is bigger and more expense but part of the same line) and we have shown exact blue prints showing all measurements and items you are getting.

    I truly wish we had the sculpting resources to sculpt this before the presale, but in today's market we just don't. That is why we need to do a presale to guarantee we have the min number of customers even before getting sculpting resources.

    I hope this helps. We are so close now to getting our dream playset. Hope you will now be on board!
    Re: Re: How will CG be different to the Hoverboard?

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for getting back to me. However it doesn't really resolve my concerns.

    The thing is that the scuttlebutt going around is that the design team for the Hoverboard got shifted and gutted for "more profitable lines" (ie retail lines) and that's where much of the problem lay with the final product.

    Now I realise you can't comment on that for legal reasons and I don't expect you to. However my concern is that if that could have happened to the Hoverboard, then there's a chance a similar thing could happen with Castle Grayskull.

    With that in mind, how solid a guarantee could you give that someone above you in Mattel and holding the purse-strings on this, wont pull the Horsemen from Castle Grayskull in the interests of Mattel's bottom line?

    Nothing is ever set in stone. We will do all we can to ensured the Castle is the best it can be with the best team working on it.

    OLD STUFF!!!

    Idea for the Castle

    Was just thinking and thought id share. If the castle is made and everything goes as hoped i think it would be cool to eventually make stands for the figures. Although I'm sure there will be pegs for feet through out the castle, at this point there are just too many figures in the line to make enough.But what if you made stands just like the present one's that you have but make them inter lock into the castle.Where you had them interlock when the castle is closed would be questionable, but i think its a no brainer for when its opened.Im saying this now hoping that you will make the castle as to be able to add things like Grayskull stands as like is said the collection is quite large at this point. This way you could custom build you own extension to the bottom floor when castle is open.This would allow more room for figures and give a better hold on the figures rather than just using gravity alone. I have just about every figure in the line now and always sub every year. At this point i find it hard to put them anywhere where they are able to be fully seen as to another figure blocking the view, my shelves are packed at this point. So was just thinking like i said thought id share. Thanks

    This is something we are looking into and it may be possible the stackable stands revealed at NYCC will interlock or at least look "good" posed next to the castle to create more walls.
    Snake Men Two Pack Repaint

    Is the Snake Men Two pack going to be released with a new set of colors?
    Or this idea was dropped?

    We never announced a repaint pack so we haven't dropped anything. There is not a repaint pack to announce right now.
    Double Trouble can be our female Snake Warrior!

    I have suggested before that Double Trouble could change color when she takes on her Horde visage, but a member of Shadow Weavers Realm came up with the brilliant idea of making Double a Snake Warrior - a Triple Agent! Perhaps she was working for King Hsss all along. Swappable chest plates and color-changing skin could make her one of the most interesting figures in the line.

    Horde Spy Double Trouble:

    Snake Warrior Double Trouble:

    A very cool idea. No plans for DT right now but cool.
    Castle Grayskull Exclusive figure?

    Is there anyway that Castle Grayskull might come with an exclusive figure? I think it would be awesome if it came with Queen Veena (Grayskull's Widow and the first Sorceress). It would require minimal new tooling and would be a great addition to what is going to be an awesome set. What do you guys think?

    No. That would require an additional skus and we don't have one available to include a figure.
    Great Idea with the Cross Sell Poster

    When will those who pre-ordered be able to see a sample?

    Likley we'll have the poster done by Q3 2013.
    Castle interior

    Just wondering how Castle Greyskull's interior walls are going to be done, is it going to be just as the original? ( negative of the exterior walls) or will it have actual interior walls and details?

    also, is the Jaw Bridge going to have chains, like a real draw Bridge?

    Ideally the inside will be a unique sculpt and we hope to include chains. But I can't 100% confirm either until we get to the sculpting stage. But that is the goal.
    King He-man.... Not King Adam?

    1st off I understand King Heman name is a much cooler sell than King Adam.... but then the geek in me had to ask the question. Who exists in the future... Does everyone know Adam's Secret and just call him He-Man for the rest of his days??? Are the powers of grayskull still within him keeping him in a permanently physique of He-man or is this (figure) King Adam transformed with the electric sword??? Is there truely a King He-man, not an older He-man on the call When King Adam has to excuse himself??? No, that can't make sense, how can it be, he wears the crown and everyone would know the dual identity... Is Prince Adam No More??????? AHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRGGGG TOYGURU PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't think one bio can sum all this up!!!)

    Ready for it.

    Hold on.


    Keep reading the bios!
    possible to change the country later after buy the castle grayskull?

    i dunno if i will stay in barcelona for that time or i will be in peru or i will ask a friend of mine to get it for me on the usa, so if i buy it now to barcelona it is going to have any chance to change the country of destination?

    You know I'm not sure. I'll have to check and get back to you. I imagine since you can change your shipping address that would include changing your country but it might change the shipping cost.
    How will CG be different to the Hoverboard?

    I'm considering preordering Castle Grayskull, however I'm incredibly apprehensive about placing a preorder on it after what happened with the Hoverboard.

    To summarize, we were "promised the world" in the form of a top notch design team working on a movie accurate prop replica, and we wound up with a glorified toy that was almost a Bait & Switch scenario (in fact I imagine that some in Mattel would have tried their luck, only Legal realised what an open and shut case it would be against Mattel), where rumour has it that the design team was gutted shortly after the preorder period.

    Once again you guys are promising the world, so how can I and others who were also burned by the Hoverboard preorder, trust Mattel that they will deliver on the "bare minimum" (to quote Toyguru's own words) that has been advertised and that this project will be a priority in terms of the design team (which will mean the 4 Horsemen I imagine) working on this from start to finish?

    To be clear, spin wont cut it here - for me to go ahead with a preorder, I need genuine reassurances to commit to that amount of money again with a Mattycollector product.

    I couldn't be prouder of the Hoverboard and we all hope the Castle can live up to how great the Board turned out.
    Castle Grayskull comparison pic

    Hey Scott Toy Guru can you please post a picture up somewhere (mainly so a lot of people can see it) of the MOTUC Granamyr in front of your CG foam model (just slightly to the side of the door). I think this would look awesome and help show off the castle more. Thanks

    Sure. Let me see what I can do.
    White Crossbow

    when we are going more about the Withe Crossbow owner?

    Well we are certainly not going to spill the beans here! ;-)
    Cross Sell Poster Question

    Will it include 2 moss man one with flocked ears one without?

    Honestly, we aren't going to stat plotting this out until we know the Castle is going forward. No sense spending time on it until we know it is happening.

    But for details like that, what say you true believers? Would you want us to include Moss Man's variants? How about Spirit of King Grayskull? There is no rule here, if we do get to make the cross sell we'd like it to be the best it can be. What would you all like to see on it (assuming we get to make it!).
    Gone for good figures

    Can you please let us know which figures are gone for good so that we know who to turn to the secondary market for? I have filled most of the holes in my collection from Matty re-releases of old stock, but with so few left I would like to know what my chances are on figures like Scareglow, Whiplash, Optikk, Goddess, Zodac, and Roboto.

    We'll be able to confirm this in early 2013.
    P.O.A in Octavia's Tentacles possible?

    Since Octavia's tentacles will not be bendy, would it be possible to put in some articulation points on the tentacles so fans can get more than one pose with the figure?

    Some simple "cuts" throughout the tentacles would really help the figure. "Wrist cuts", for example, in the tentacles would allow the swords to be positioned in different directions. A small ball joint in the middle of the tentacle would be even better but likely too costly.

    I think this would be a great alternative to the bendy tentacles.

    I do hear you, but no, there won't be cuts. The tentacles will be more like Slushhead to avoid any possible QC issues at all.
    A new armour for Roboto

    Since a 2.0 Roboto is not on the table as he might count then, as a monthly slot,given to the numerous A-listers yet to be produced...if a 4th weapon pack should be released in a near future would you please consider to include a 200X armour style?this would be a great addition, allowing collectors to at last transform their Roboto into a more robust looking cyborg besides,this could be the end of the "Cracks matter."

    A cool idea and I know a lot of fans like this more bulked up look for Roboto. No plans right now but you never know.
    New Armor for Roboto Follow-Up

    Count me in as thinking this is a GREAT idea!

    So counted!
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    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
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