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Thread: Repainted MOTUC Rattlor

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    Repainted MOTUC Rattlor

    I was sitting looking at him the other day thinking how bland he was and how he didn't look at good as the 200X version. Well I decided that I was going to at least paint off the stripes on him. I hated how that the stripes on his arms went no where! So then I thought, why not paint them to go up his neck? But what about the bland reddish brown body color? So I thought i would dirty it up with dome black paint to bring out the details. This is how he cam out! I also dry brushed some gold paint onto his serpent staff to bring out some details too!

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    Looks really very cool.

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    Rattlor with the 200X armor is really awesome,and the new paintjob is top notch!
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    Nice!!! I really like this mod.... Looks great!
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    Nice job!
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    Nice! This fig REALLY needed it.

    After seeing your great job I am inspired to do the same to my Rattlor too. Gotta get that armour too!
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    I highly suggest hitting the yellow scales with brown to bring out the details.

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