Hey y'all! I've been a fan of this site for a long time, but it was the Castle Grayskull pre-order that finally sunk me back into MOTU. I had picked up a few Classics figures a couple years back, but then I let it go. CG flipped all that, and now i can't seem to stop!

When I was a kid, I lived in Korea, and my parents had to order all my He-Man figures from catalogs. So, I have good memories of my childhood figures coming in white mailers very much like what our new figures come in. I'll never forget coming downstairs one Christmas to discover my parents had not only put out a gigantic horde of He-Man toys, but they had opened them all and posed them fighting on my new Snake Mountain. That was a defining Christmas for me, and those figures got played with hard! I particularly remember He-Man playing a fun new game where he'd toss Two-Bad over the power lines outside REPEATEDLY.

So, who am I now? I'm a Sideshow Freak. No, really, I originated on the Sideshow Freaks board. I'm one of the original guys there and the very first customizer to post his work on those boards. I'm proud of that distinction, as the customizing community on the Freaks board has grown to enormous proportions, and a lot of guys are making the toys we always dreamed of having!

The Classics line is great because it revives toys we dreamed we actually had! I'm so thrilled with this line. I'm NOT a sub holder, just a cherry-picker. While I still love customizing my toys, I'm not sure how much I'll alter my Classics. Having said that, you can expect my Horde Prime to get a bit taller. And Optikk's eye is going to look wetter. Orko needs to stop falling over. And I'm inspired to make a 12" Skeletor. Gotta do it. And I'll show you when I do!

If you'd like to see some of the work I've done, I maintain a steady work flow at www.customikey.weebly.com.