Well being that I work for Con Ed NYC electric provider ive been working around the clock. So after sandy ive been working 16 hour days. But yea my basement got destroyed. My He-Man room got hit. All my MOTU comics, golden books, magazines, UK comics znd mags books in general as well. Alot of my MOTUC Moc collection destroyed. My CD collection.all my awesome moc 80s merch destroyed. My ECW VHS gone. all the furniture futon 2 couches 40 inch TV DVD VHS player Wii. Bexroom set. All my Nirvana magazines. My Brooke Burke playboys all my worker comp papperwork important papper work. My CD collection. My kids toys. Its so funny that wr are having a baby girl due date is Nov 24 so we had the stuff left over from my son in the attic so I moved that stuff down in the basement so I can laint her room. All that stuff garbage.

My car alresdy got towed. Thats gonna be totaled. And we were zone b we disnt need flood insurance.

So fema came already and saw the damage. I got phone call that we are aleagable for free hotel food transportation. My governor said that we can itemize all the stuff that was lost with pics and it should be covered as property damage. So hopefully we get help.

Just want to say thank you to those who have reached out to me for support. It is more appreciated then you can imagine.