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Thread: Red vs. Blue; who's a fan?

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    Red vs. Blue; who's a fan?

    So at first I had my doubts, wondering how it could be entertaining, and then my friend gave me a copy of season 1. I ended up liking it enough to watch the next 9 seasons, finishing season 10 this morning. My only complaint, and also thankful for it, is that i had to watch them online. I wish there was a way to watch them all straight through, marathon feature style. That would be awesome. So who else is a fan?
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    I actually like all rooster teeth series and production. But I am more into Achievement Hunter shorts and stuff than looking up on the mini series.
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    Caboose: Sheila!
    Tucker: Oh, God! Sheila! Wait, who's Sheila?
    Caboose: Sheila was the lady in the tank. She was my friend.

    I named my car's GPS "Sheila" because of that quote

    Sheila: Now that you've mastered driving the M808V, let's move on to some of the safety features.
    Caboose: No! No, wait! Go back! Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?

    I love Red vs Blue! I have the first 8 seasons on DVD. It's great stuff. So many hilarious lines.

    And there's this fantastic bit...
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    The earlier seasons are more of my favorite, but yeah, I watch some of the stuff that comes from Rooster Teeth.
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    Me, I love Red vs Blue especially Caboose and Sarge
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    I watched this and Homestar runner every episode back in the day.

    Around the time they started using Halo 2 for the game I stopped watching. I lost interest in both series really about that time. Homestarr I just realized one day I hadn't seen it in a while went and looked and I was like 15 episodes behind and Red vs. Blue I remember not liking what they were doing with the story at the time.
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    this is my fave scene from the whole Red vs Blue saga

    Caboose is just epically priceless in this
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