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Thread: Which is the first edition of Teela?

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    Which is the first edition of Teela?

    I know that some of Teela "8-back" made in Taiwan had darker red (maroon) color of accessories but is there 8-back Teela with standard red accessories?
    There should be no country marks on 8 back Teela acessories, just on the figure, but is there "Taiwan" marked on later produced Teela figures?
    Is there any other way to recognize loose figure of the first edition or "8 back" Tella from the other Teela figures made in Taiwan (like colors, paint job on the eyes or something like that) ?

    Here are two figures of Teela, The left one is 8-back, but I was wondering could it be that the right one is 8 back version too, because on some photos I saw similar paint job of the eyes as in the right one which was also on the 8-back card.

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