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Thread: Mattel History & Policies and Design Choices Discussion

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    Mattel History & Policies and Design Choices Discussion

    Mattel History & Policies and Design Choices Discussion Thread
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    This thread is for any and all "DECENT" & Civilized conversation about the current an older Mattel Design Choices used on popular and Controversial topics.

    Such as the Off White use on all toys, Hoverboard miss made promises, anything that is relevant to our favorite company in ways that might affect the MOTU brand at some point...
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    Regarding the use of gray instead of white, while I understand why they did it, I feel like it demonstrates both a lack of understanding of the character and the understanding of the fan base. That translates to not understanding your customer.

    Someone said it best when they compare it to the stormtroopers. If the character is white they should be white no exceptions. Why does there need to be a wash over the white to begin with? I never understood the need to make the white look dirty. This design choice is not confined to Mattel however.
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