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    So...I did a search and couldn't find a thread on this (I was shocked).

    Anyone seen it yet?

    I just saw it and was surprised that I liked it considering how hyped it's been. Craig is still not my preferred Bond, which makes some of the raves a little hard to take at times, but he's excellent here just the same. Great cast too, and the visuals are terrific. It's a real step up from Quantum of Solace, and at least as good as Casino Royale.


    Judi Dench's M has a good send off, I'll miss her, and although he's good there is something unnerving about Voldemort replacing her. Also liked the new Moneypenny and Q, and hope that we'll get back to Quantum or even Specter because the big bad here another rogue agent like in Goldeneye so if the heroes created a monster like him then I'd like to see more of the monsters they made him to fight in the first place.

    EDIT: Mods, if there's a glitch, I'm sorry, because even doing a search now I cannot find any threads just on Skyfall even though I created this thread.
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