Very much deserved congratulations to gbagok - wonderful design! It's always comforting (and a little bittersweet, being retired so early) to see that amazing 200X style you do so well.

And to everyone who participated - Great work! I cannot emphasize how much I love that these challenges bring out so many artist's visions, and that the fact that we've had three separate winners on these last few challenges is awesome!

Side Note: Thanks for the shout outs, Pyre and beyond the legends. I really, truly appreciate it, and it really is fuel for me as I try to grow and expand as an artist. I really do believe kindess and humility are the building blocks of any life .

Also, in all honesty, Pyre, and it's going to sound like I'm sucking up to you , but when you first posted your entry, I felt like that was the winner. It was everything I wanted to do, and it took me forever to come up with something that didn't just feel derivative of your design. So, that admiration and respect is coming right back atcha !

On to the next one!