Anybody remember the activity books that had the bookmarks you could color & make? I love to read & love to have bookmarks that are interesting. The activity page I'm thinking of is this one below but I thought Adora simply standing there with an open book was a little lame.


Anyway so I thought I'd draw my own illustration for a custom bookmark. Here's my original line art
For the honor of Grayskull.jpg

Then I proceeded to add some colors & a background. I made 2 alternate versions coz I wasn't sure which one was better...I have also thought to do the flipside of the bookmarks with She-Ra holding up her sword after the transformation process. Haven't started on the flipside though, but bookmarks don't really need to have a flipside. Reading is so much more fun when you have a cool bookmark

Here are my 2 bookmark versions:
Adora_bookmark_01.png Adora_bookmark_02.png