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Thread: Sandy destroyed my collection. Please help me rebuild it.

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    Sandy destroyed my collection. Please help me rebuild it.

    As many here know I was hit hard by hurricane sandy. And she took a few of my moc with her. Im asking for peoples help as I helped them in the past. I lost so much other stuff but I really want to get this collection back to 100 percent. Heres the list.

    Tru 2 pack
    He-Man master English

    Clawfull Mern-Ra
    BA Skeletor
    Orko regular matty version masterenglish
    Evil Lyn master english
    Teela master English
    Count marzo
    Battle Ground teela
    Griffin master English
    Vykron....I had space ace ill take any just to fill the collection.
    Flocked moss man master English.

    And both versions sdcc king grayskull

    Now if anyone wants to trade these I still have just there not moc. So if your looking to open please trade me so I can complete my collection.

    Thank you and please pm me or email me
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