i have been a fan of he-man for many years, and in that time there have been many incarnations but i didnt start with the minicomics. i didnt start with myp. i didnt even start with the 87 movie

i started with filmation, coming home after school to watch he-man, or getting my mum to tape it when i was at school i loved watching that and while i may like aspects of the other versions my he-man will always have a filmation core!

so what i want is a character that symbolises the start of filmation as he was an original character who drove the plot of the first episode (diamond ray was made first but aired later)

of course im talking about zagraz the wizard-keeper of the comets! zagraz-b.jpg(built in classics packaging tab right there)

a recurring character in the old series. he has control of the cosmos power to rain down fire or create a fancy lightshow, incredibly old with a beard to put gandalf to shame. he overcame adversity regained confidence in himself and even saved the day with the power of goodness and thats all in one episode

he would give us the old robed man buck we desperatly need (think eldor, old man marzo etc) and if he became a masters character why its only a matter of time before we get a comet zombie 2 pack army builder giving skeletor a cannon fodder army

the figure could come with a comet headdress for adam, the cosmic comet and spell casting hands comet09.JPG(perhaps the diamond ray as a packin)

his bio could mention the cosmic comet episode and you could tie him in as a member of oo-lars masters! maybe he helped create the orb where the power of grayskull resides by bringing down a powerful comet and shaping it with the godesses and sorcereeses help. if you have a look at the orb stand it is guite similar to the posts out side zagraz's lair blog_zagraz_mountain.jpg

all in all he needs to be made, germany got geldor why not give us filmation fans our intro to the world of eterniaCosmicComet_07.jpg