Hey guys,

Quick update as we head into the final wee hours of the night for the presale.

We re close, but not there yet. So if you are still on the fence or looking to prebuy the castle, I'll hit the ask matty forum tonight for any last min questions that could tip you over! ;-)

Also, we may not know exactly tomorrow AM the results. It looks like a few fans have placed what we would call "bulk" orders for the Castle. Quite a few are from well known existing customers, but a few are folks we don't know. So to ensure our quota is correct, customer service will send out a courtesy email and if needed phone call just to verify some large quota orders. If you do receive a call or email like this, it will help a ton if you can just verify that yes, you did intend to place a large quota order.

It is fantastic to have a few of these as it may mean the difference between going forward and not. But if they are not true, we'd hate for orders like that to push us down into the "can't make it" zone. So please bare with us as we reach out to these customers to ensure these orders are legit and we can know for sure if we are in the "can make it" zone!

We'll have results as soon as we can! I hope we are there, I really do!