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I'm not sure how calling someone is guaranteeing they won't back out of the order. They need to just make an announcement about this and be done. If anyone wants to cancel their cards they can and that's a castle Mattel has to sell on Matty. I hate Mattel with a passion for multiple reasons but this is making me like them even less. They can call whomever and ask if it's a real order but they CANNOT force them to pay next December. I just don't see the point in confirming anything.
THe point:
1. To make sure someone did actually order 30 castles and not 3. We are talking Digital River here, and there is no end to the way they can fouls up even the simplest task. There have been many reported cases of orders being duplicated spontaneously. TG wouldn't say it aloud for anyone to hear, but I imagine a big reason for double checking is that Mattel doesn't trust DR to do it right any more than we do.

2. To make sure the order was actually placed by the person. ID theft and CC fraud are a rampant problem, and I know from experience this is another place where DR can foul things up endlessly.

3. To be able to tell the high muck-mucks that all the orders are indeed confirmed; this is going to be a major outlay of money, bigger than anything Mattel has sprugn for on Matty, and I imagine the big shots need to have their nerves extensively soothed with such an investment. This would be especiaaly true, methinks, if the numbers are just shy of the target, but close enough to make the project feasible with some tweaks.

I know it's frustrating, but with Mattel and DR's shared history of boundless ineptitude, I would prefer to wait to hear the final word when they have all their Wind Raiders in a row. I don't want to hear a thing until they are 100% sure this is going to happen; my little dragon heart couldn't take being told "yes" only to find out it's actually "no" a few hours later.

And yes, the grumpy old dragon is defending the actions of TG and Mattel in this case. Stranger things have happened...