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Thread: DB Skeletor and OG Skeletor parts swap

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    DB Skeletor and OG Skeletor parts swap

    I'm not sure if there is a thread about this or not (if so can someone send me the link?) anyways, is it possible to swap out DB Skeletor parts (Buck, arms, feet, lion cloth)with an OG Skeletor to get away from the Blastic issue? will the parts math color wise and not look out of place? If so any pics and or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Swapped my Dragon Blaster Skeletor's armor to a regular Skeletor with an Alcala head and Faceless One Havoc Staff. I love how his eyes match up with the translucent part of the staff.

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    I slapped the DB Skeletor forearms and boots onto a Skeletor reissue buck (and gave him BA Skeletor head) to make a figure as close to the vintage Skeletor as possible. All it took was a hair dryer to soften the plastic up enough to swap the parts. The DB Skeletor forearms are painted slightly lighter than the blue of the earlier MOTUC Skeletors. But to me, having the classic toy forearms was worth the slight difference in shade of blue. If you don't like the slight difference in shades of blue you could always compromise and slap just the DB Skeletor boots on the Skeletor reissue.
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    I just used the TRU MOTU vs DC Skeletor since his purple armor matched the color of the DB armor top. I then used a regular MOTU Skeletor head painted the neck & hood in the same color purple to match and I now have a non Black Plastic DB Skeletor that I'm happy with,

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