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Thread: MOTU Classics : Official "Gone For Good" Figures List !

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    MOTU Classics : Official "Gone For Good" Figures List !

    I was wondering how many MOTUC figures would have "Gone For Good". Hence I made this list ! This thread is dedicated for Exclusive Figures & Gone For Good Figures that we are NOT going to see on Matty EVER ! I guess this thread will help alot of new collectors & collectors who are looking to fill the gaps in their collection !

    Monthly Figures will NOT be added in this list unless it is confirmed by MOTUC Brand Manager & Digital River !

    NOTE :-

    A) I have not included Spirit Of King Grayskull figure since he was not "offered" to fans (for sale) !

    B) SUB Exclusives are included because they were "sold" to the fans during the SUB purchase !!

    Official Unavailable MOTUC Figures On Matty Collector List :-

    [*] King Grayskull (Original Version) - 2008 SDCC Exclusive Figure

    [*] King Grayskull (Bronze Statue Version) - Random Variant Figure

    [*] Orko (Colour Changing Version) - 2010 SDCC Exclusive Figure

    [*] Wun-Dar - 2010 Club Eternia Exclusive Figure

    [*] Preternia Disguise He-Man - 2011 Club Eternia Exclusive Figure

    [*] Queen Marlena - 2011 SDCC Exclusive Figure

    [*] Shadow Weaver - 2012 Club Eternia Exclusive Figure

    [*] Fisto - February 2012 Monthly Figure (Officially Confirmed By Brand Manager & Digital River)

    [*] Vykron (Barbarian Outfit) - 2012 SDCC Exclusive Figure
    Matty Has Been Matted For 2017 !

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    How about the He-Ro SDCC exclusives?
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    I imagined (for some reason) this list would be a lot longer. Good work though, this is interesting info to see.

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    The list IS a lot longer, but Mattel hasn't actually confirmed anything. TG says they will in 2013 after the holiday sales, but who knows.
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    pretty sure they've already said Green Goddess is all gone too.

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    pretty sure they've already said Green Goddess is all gone too.
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    I think the Sorceress is in out too.

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