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Thread: Castle Grayskull minimum reached! Playset is a go!

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    Good. Now, let's hope Toyguru won't come minimizing the orders again, or remove something that should have been in the castle.

    Let's also pray that the Castle will be awesome and won't come with any flaw.

    I wonder how much that item will cost here in Europe, through resellers.

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    Really glad this went through, now I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out.

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    I'm very excited that CG is getting made. I'll have no room to display mine right away so it'll stay MIB until something changes, but I'm glad I'll have one to someday enjoy.

    We do have the power guys...
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    Yes! What great news to wake up to! Well done everyone
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    So happy to have THE castle of the castles!

    ...aaand now where the *beep* I'm going to put it??!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntumbuluku View Post
    Wow. My wife is going to kill me!
    *LOOOOOOL* THATS a problem I have now too. Well I guess its big enough that our baby son can life in there

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    Awesome news! We did it! I'm also going to have a fun time finding a spot for it...and I'm so tempted to get a second one too!! Yikes! I hope this opens the door for more preorder must haves like the Battle Ram and Snake Mountain!
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    Great.. Can everyone (especially on Facebook) stop calling me a ""loser", "deadbeat" and "not a tue fan" for not actually being able to affford one now?
    I survived the 2013 sub ordeal!
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    Yes, this is beautiful we needed this to happen as fans. I seriously almost felt like crying. This moment brings me back so many memories of my childhood, when I first got Castle Grayskull for Christmas from my aunt. Especially remembering when my mom, would watch over me when I played with motu toys and she would smile. Now I understand why, being a parent myself. I miss my mom, may she rest in peace, for this feeling thank you "Scout" for making things happen with this line. Thank You to the four horsemen for all the love you put when making a new piece for this line. You guys deserve every penny you make, I still feel that the Wind Raider is the most beautiful vehicle in any collection that has ever been made, so I can only imagine how beautiful Grayskull will turn out. "Thank You" Mattel for letting this happen. I'm realistic I know no matter how much people complain about this toy line, at the end of the day only one company has the rights to this universe and only they can make these toys, for me this is a privilege I don't want to lose. "Scout" I really think this is the method that needs to be used for the hard to sell items in this line, hence Land Shark, Dragon Walker etc..etc. Truth be told Battle Ram must absolutely be the next vehicle to be made in this line, it is awesome and I truly believe the fans want it even more then the Wind raider. The wait for Battle Ram has been to long. Hopefully this has open the door way for more pe-orders!
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    BOOM! Really psyched by the good news!

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    Just hope my account is fat next Dec!

    Congrats all! Can't wait to see the updates!

    I agree that the Filmation portal needs to be included. Also, if they make the throne like the vintage one, it does need to be removable and convertible to Zodac's space chair. It wouldn't hurt to include the orb and stand in different colors so those who missed KG and TOD sorceress still have it in the castle.
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    So, does anyone know what the final percentage was, like the subs were 135% ?

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    Maybe now they will spring for a Gargoyle to pay homage to the Vintage 'Elevator Pull'!
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    Castle Grayskull
    This is so awesome! Best news in a long time!
    Awesome sticker included!

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    Awesome! Well done to everyone who pre-oredered (and to those who will by the next deadline)! I was in two minds a little while back before any kind of announcement but i don't regret pre-ordering two CG's now. Gonna be an awesome b'day gift for myself. Ha!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Replikor View Post
    On Matty they state that:
    Not only did you hit the goal, you demolished it!
    Has it been clarified by how much we "demolished" that goal?

    We had apparently demolished the sub numbers by a +35% margin and TG was having an internetelevised joygasm about it, and then all of a sudden the official message turned into an accusatory gloom-and-doom "it's uncertain we'll get but a few SKUs in 2014 because 2013 barely made it above the absolute minimum".
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    This is GREAT news!!
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    Hi! This is my first post. Have been in the Matty forums like forever but have been a lurker here for sometime now. Finally, Castle Grayskull is a reality! I pre-ordered it pretty early,... the 2nd day actually after they fixed the international shipping cost.

    I am so, so, SO happy that we will be seeing a totally awesome and cool "Adult Collector" quality Castle Grayskull!!


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    I am glad that it is going to be made so here we come with a HUGE Castle Greyskull. Everyone be happy happy happy.
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    So happy... now do I buy and extra...hmmm
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    So pleased! , I was worried for a while and bought 2 preorders, but today is a great day! GREYSKULL RISES!!! Bring on 2013!!! Well done everyone!!!

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    Yeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I am so pleased right now!!!!! I cannot express it in text...I want to hug and kiss someone.... And my wife is working... My dog should do for now!!!

    Thanks to everyone who pre ordered and for the ones still on the fence...Go out there and "DO IT NOW"(Arnold-esq accent)!!!
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