Follow the links for pictures. Below i list the faults the rest is very good to near mint. Accepting offers of cash, money order, gifted paypal or trade but i need 11.00 either money or trade value just for parcel shipping. Tracking and / or insurance, faster shipping will be more. I cannot get away with media rate with this. A few decals maybe coming off probably due to age.

Contact me through email please otherwise i might not see it, i don't login that often and the system last time did not notify me there was a reply even though i have it marked. secretdefender at warpmail dot net

Top left playset if something went on top like a sign then i don't have it. Heli is not broke, the blades are moveable. Truck is 2 pieces can be put on or taken off. The shovel that goes on the truck is broke but it can be glued on.

This is 3 pieces. The 2 bigger pieces just sits on it, it does not snap on. Push the lever back and put a micro machine on it, hit the button and it goes flying it works. 3rd piece is the antenna part, it snaps on. Antenna is broke but can be glued back on however it will be hard for it to stay on if played with.

Carrying case with the cars inside. Full, i did not count them. I did not go through them but it looks like no duplicates. Few where the doors can open. Few where you can view the inside through a glass window on the roof. There's only a few planes and only 1 boat.

Worst condition of the set. Comes in several pieces that can be taken apart and back together. I didn't put it together so i don't know if all there. 3 or more places as in poles are broke but the pieces are there and can be glued on. The shovel you see belongs to the truck. The propellor part is explained below.

The propellor part seen above belongs here. It can be glued on. The switch to turn the bottom wheels is broke however you can still move the wheels manually. The wings appear to be loose but they are still on and will not come off.