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Thread: Subscription Dekker, Randor & Castle Grayskullman ARRIVED!

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    Got mine today!

    Randor is fine, nice to have more Filmation and makes me excited for Fang Man and, somedayhopefullyfingerscrossed, StrongArm!

    Dekker is cool, also nice to have more 200X. At least the parts I like. Now bring on Calix and EvilSeed!

    CGM is cooler in person than I thought but the one thing I always hated about him is even worse in person...THE HAIR. Why would Castle Grayskull come to life and GROW HAIR?!?!?! The colors are great, the cobbled stone sculpt, the face, the chest, the swords, all good. But where the figure could have easily had a turret head or, better yet, the helmet THAT IS ACTUALLY ON THE FRONT OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL, it has silly 90s surfer hair.

    Stone golem warrior, the very magical embodiment of Grayskull...with hair. Just a bizarre and total design fail.

    Deep breath, rant over. Good month, excited for Mosquitor in December.
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