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Thread: Subscription Dekker, Randor & Castle Grayskullman ARRIVED!

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    Got my sub Randor and Dekker the day before Thanksgiving. I happy with both.

    Randor- I'm glad to have a Filmation version. He's more iconic, and now seems a lot more natural next to the queen. The bright plastic is great, but could've gone for some sort of light shading. The lack of bicep swivel is terrible.

    Dekker- Is as awesome as I was expecting. Though I didn't know how much we needed him in MOTU until now. He rounds out the (cool) heroic warriors so much. Having Duncan and Malcolm standing next to their doctore looks great. The 200X mace is a total waste imo. Good thing for Spymonkey, even though Dek is skilled with any weapon.

    Now I'm patiently waiting for Castle Grayskullman to arrive.
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