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Thread: Post here once you have placed order for Dekker, Randor, Castle Grayskullman

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    Quote Originally Posted by quigonnoodle View Post
    Not a hater, just looking for sense. Cy-Chop took 2 weeks to go, why did CGM go in 15 minutes? Why? No one seemed to like the figure in these posts.
    Not sure what posts you have been reading, but I would say most people really like CGM including myself AND it helps even further knowing that a fellow .Orger and friend, Daniel Benedict, created the figure. I think Draego-Man and CGM are BY FAR the best 30th anniversary figures.
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    Got my extras on top of my subs.

    x1 King Randor
    x1 Dekker
    x2 Castle Grayskullman
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    Wow, so are yours.

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    Well got my Castle Grayskull Man ordered maybe this will hold us over till next year when get the Castle in hand!
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    Getting 2 CGM, 2 King Randor & 2 Dekker via SUB !

    And now, I've ordered an extra CGM & Randor for keeping MOC. BTW, it's great to see CGM sold out already..... It's must be a great day for Daniel Benedict !
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    Quote Originally Posted by TUC138 View Post
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    Somehow I placed a double order, so I'm left with an extra Dekker and Castle Grayskullman.

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    I picked up two Dekkers and two weapons pack. I wanted some more time to think on CGM and King Randor. No biggee if I miss the Gray dude.


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    I ordered an extra Dekker outside of my sub for the alternate head. Sounds like he is going to be an e-peg warmer though based on the posts so far.

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    I'm getting Dekker, CGM and King Randor through the sub, and I picked up on extra DOS Dekker, and one extra CGM through ebay because he was already sold out unexpectedly fast at Matty...
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    Already wishing I didn't pass on Dekker. But gee whiz BF/CM, December's $160 (not including any re-issues), 5 Funko POP!, 4 Wacky Wobblers, 30th DVDs, comics...and thats JUST Master's stuff! Great time to be a fan.

    Hope I can get him soon.
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    I forgot about the time changing thing, woke up at 3am instead of 4am. LOL
    Only wanted another Dekker to display alternate head - fortunately he is still available now I've woken again. Glad I only needed my 2 subscription Castlegrayskullman figures as I would have totally slept through that sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quigonnoodle View Post
    Not a hater, just looking for sense. Cy-Chop took 2 weeks to go, why did CGM go in 15 minutes? Why? No one seemed to like the figure in these posts.
    Ugh...I actually think, there`s a BIG difference between a crappy figure and a supercool figure

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    I got me a Dekker, CGM and Burger King...I mean Randor.

    Wasn't too keen on Dekker and almost didn't get one, but what the heck.

    Also, I was looking at my collection and noticed that I own 77 different MOTUC figures (with the addition of these 3). It's a shame that the figures are so cool, yet I have no room to display them all! All but a select handful remain stacked in the white mailer boxes. When I get my 2 Castle Grayskulls next year I might have to rethink how to display all this!

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    Got Dekker, Randor and 2 Grayskullman. In and out in 1 minute.

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    I already have a 30th sub and a MOTUC sub but I ordered a 2nd Grayskull man and I ordered a Uncle Sam. I had around 3 min of the white screen
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    I ordered one Filmation Randor. I never owned a king randor before and marlena has slqays looked lonely by herself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fug-Lee-Faces View Post
    I got me a Dekker, CGM and Burger King...I mean Randor.
    Thats hilarious, I don't care who you are.

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    1 Dekker
    1 Filmation Randor
    1 Great Unrest Pack

    I missed out on Grayskull Man....

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    ordered 2 Randors

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    ordered castle grayskullman in the first minute of sale, easy no website crashes or WSOD! Just couldn't miss this one

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    I ordered one Castle Grayskullman.

    I easily passed on "Pyjamas" Randor and "Blink and You Missed My Appearance in 200X" Dekker.

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    Just ordered the on Randor, I mean come on, his accessory is a golden chalice for crying out loud, plus he fits better with the other filmation royal family.
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    I find it kind of funny that King Randor got one of the biggest applauses by the SDCC crowd, yet he's the slowest sale of the month for MOTUC.

    I would have bought an extra CastleGrayskullman, but he was sold Matty didn't need my money. I ended up buying an extra Dekker, and I had Randor in my cart until I saw that with shipping, 2 figures was going to cost me $60. So, out of the cart Randor went....because no variant is worth $30 to me.
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    I broke down and bought Randor, since you know....he's still available on Matty....not gonna open him though, since he can't be properly posed, but that's OK looking to rebuild somewhat of a carded collection anyway, but not on the scale I had...took up way too much room.

    Quote Originally Posted by quigonnoodle View Post
    Not a hater, just looking for sense. Cy-Chop took 2 weeks to go, why did CGM go in 15 minutes? Why? No one seemed to like the figure in these posts.
    I haven't seen the dislike for him that I saw with Spector, I haven't seen many at all say they disliked him....Cy-Chop & SLL had much more dislike. Plus he's from a fellow fan, not a corporate Mattel Employee.... like Spector & SLL.

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadaClassics View Post
    People didn't "like" Mighty Spector, and he went pretty quick, not 20 mins but a lot faster than the "posts" would ever dictate.
    I wasn't one of those that made him sell out....I still can't stand him.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCB View Post
    Because he's overwhelmingly more popular than Cy-Chop?
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    Needed.... Dragstor & the new Filmation line.

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    I ordered a few CGM to go with the Castles I bought, was in and out in about 2min. Much better than last month
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