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Thread: Castle Grayskullman SOLD OUT!

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    I feel proud that I've skipped him both times within a week.

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    I noticed TOD Sorceress went back up. I wonder if there's any hope of this guy randomly reappearing?
    I absolutely LOVE him. So I have one. That's all I really need. But I kind of wanted two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SunDevil View Post
    They screw the non-30th subbers by not making him available enough.

    They screwed we 30th Anny subbers by making these guys available at a discount and letting people buy them individually when we early supporters got roped in for the whole thing. The entire 30th Anniversary thing was a complete waste of time.


    Interesting philosophy... Near as i can tell, your argument is that anything that is in a sub... should never be for sale anywhere else, ever again...

    Why are you only focusing on the 30th? outside of Faker, Stratos, Merman, and Zodak... EVERY figure up there was originally in a sub.

    As for being roped in... That's the risk a subber takes... for ALL the subs. We knew ahead of time that they would STILL have 'day of' Sales for the 30th anniversary. That's how I got Draegoman.

    He was the only one I found appealing from the beginning (and I'm a strictly nostalgia-buyer to begin with) So he's the only one I got.

    WOULD have liked a CGM.. but money was tight this month.

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