With only a little over a week away from Black Friday, I figured now was as good a time as any to start a discussion about next week's sale, assuming there is one. Last year, I was able to acquire over half of my collection in that one weekend. I have collected the line from the beginning, but had to sell off large chunks of it last summer. I was fortunate and thankful they had the sale last year, as it allowed me to pick up many key figures, some of them at really good prices. I remember getting Teela, Orko/Adam, MAA, Scareglow, Tri-Klops and Webstor among many others. I am all caught up at this point, with the exception of Mer-Man and Zodac.

I guess the first question is, are we sure there is even going to be a Black Friday sale this year? I am not as tuned in as many of you are, and I usually don't have time to listen to the various podcasts and such. Has there been anything definitive said about there being a sale for BF or Cyber Monday?

I just kind of assumed there would be considering there were no re-issues this month, and the fact last year's sale was such a big success.